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What Sexual Addiction is NOT – By Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S


Unfortunately, there is a lot of inaccurate information floating around about sex addiction. Because of this, some people will use the label “sex addiction” to define any type of sexual behavior (in others or in themselves) that does not meet their personal, cultural, or religious view of what sex should look like. He goes to […]

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Dating: A Cautionary Tale – From A Sober Mom’s Guide To Recovery – by Rosemary O’Connor


© 2015 by Rosemary O’Connor Hazelden Publishing Published with permission of Rosemary O’Connor. “All discarded lovers should be given a second chance, but with somebody else.”— MAE WEST For the alcoholic single mother, the dos and don’ts of dating are convoluted and complex. Dating for anyone today is like a minefield, but for recovering women, […]

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“Drinking – A Love Story” – I’m Not That Bad!

drinkg for pens

Finishing Chapter Two and starting Chapter Three, this week’s reading focused on two parts of alcoholism with which I could readily relate. First, that no one ever saw my real drinking and second that denial allowed me to stay out there as long as I did. The author spoke at length about how she drank […]

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Chaos – I can’t quit you! – By Jo Black Sullivan

jo 2

Chaos has been in the fabric of my being since I was five years old.  I didn’t understand it then but I was most definitely cultivating the art of creating it, developing an eye to spot it and seeking out people who responded to it. Chaos was my safe place long before booze and drugs […]

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“The Beauty & the Madness” Spoken Word by Aaron Lee Perry & Nicola O’Hanlon

me sobr

      My essay “Managing the Madness so I can Eat Cake” was turned into a Spoke Word piece and named “The Beauty & the Madness” – By Aaron Lee Perry (SOBrSOLDIER) for the Since Right Now Network. Check out both these awesome recovery resources.           “I am forty one […]

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“To Web an Elegy for Andrew Webster” – By Gabriel Rheaume


There was a time in breaking youth When all the spoils of the world did not suffice. We were urban nomads, Living off the fat of the land, Indulging in the surplus, Chasing loneliness with liquor. Some robbed banks and slept in crackhouses Searching for the quickest fix, The permanent solution, To live up to […]

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“Drinking – A Love Story” – The Functional Alcoholic


By Jackie S. The next installment of Caroline Knapp’s story digs deeper into the life of the functional alcoholic.  She talks about the difference between perception and reality.  How it looks to the world like she is holding it all together, but inside she is falling apart.  Like the Smokey Robinson tune, she used humor […]

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The Fire – By Ryan Sirois


Four years ago I swallowed my last pain pill. Christmas night. After days of trying to look past the glowing orange pharmaceutical bottle on the kitchen counter. At Chris’s parent’s home in Pennsylvania. My mind a mess. Months of heavy anti-psychotics, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication. A pill to focus. One to calm. Another to balance. To block […]

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Managing The Madness So I Can Eat Cake

webcam-toy-photo30 (2)

Today is my birthday. I am forty one years old and ecstatic to have reached this age. On Saturday, I will be six years clean and sober. I say that with confidence because I cannot remember the last time I craved a drink or a drug, or even romanticised the notion of using either. During […]

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Drinking – A Love Story – The Story Continues


Our reading this week took us to the end of Chapter One and the beginning of Chapter Two.  The joy of reading together like this, is the ability to share our stories and to look at the similarities we have with the author. I highly recommend this form of study to others as a wonderful […]

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A Story Of Transformation – By Christine Campbell

women supporing

I’m approaching another sobriety anniversary, and God willing I will celebrate twenty four years on the twenty eight of January. What a ride it has been for sure. I finished my final project for my Master’s degree in Advanced Studies of Human Behavior last Spring. I am an A student, and I put my all […]

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271 Days and I’m a Believer – By Aaron Lee Perry

PIANO copy

In 4 days I will be clean and sober for 9 months.  I never thought I could get a day sober much less this long. And it is absolutely mind blowing to me how much my life has changed.  I am doing things I never imagined I would do in my life, especially after losing […]

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Drinking: A Love Story – Chapter 1

A survey has found that underage drinkers consume more than 175 million drinks a year.                                   Photo posed by modelsMunchkin Management.

A recovery friend and I had heard about a book called Drinking: A Love Story, written by Caroline Knapp.  As it suggests, it is a woman’s walk through alcoholism as a love affair, and how she had to remove herself from it.  My hope is to write a bit about each chapter and share that […]

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“Uptown Eagle” – Words & Music By Harv6StringSarch – Sung By Monica Patton

Harv and Monica Patton from “Book Of Mormon” performing the demo for “Uptown Eagle” in the studio.

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AA Language – Does it Help or Hinder Recovery?


“My name is Damien, and I’m an alcoholic.” This is the conventional way to introduce oneself at a meeting of the fellowship. It bugs me. The very first time I said these words they were incredibly powerful and liberating — when I finally said them, my surrender was complete. But as my sober time increases, […]

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Easy Does It – New Year Nutrition

food diary

It’s interesting that when I heard “easy does it” for the first time, it registered in my brain to mean – sit back and relax – there’s no hurry! The denial ran deep in my unconscious giving me permission to indulge in procrastination. My problematic thinking stemmed from many years of misconceptions. I was my […]

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Easy Does It – Not a Resolution in Sight.


Well that was one hoopla, roller coaster of a year. Reflecting back over my 2015 was like watching fifteen different movies at the same time and not really having a clue what was going on in any of them. I’ve had some really high highs and some really low lows. However, I made it out […]

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Easy Does It – Simple as One, Two, Three. Yoga for The New Year.

yoga word 2

Happy New Year! A changing of the calendar page, turning over a new leaf, the hope of a new beginning. There is hope but there is also the illusion of imagining that a future day could mean more than the embrace of the present in a new or more faithful fashion. I am a rebel. […]

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Intentions and Resolutions – Excerpt from “Life In Bite Sized Morsels” By Kyczy Hawk


I learn so much from people at meetings. A month or so ago we were talking about intentions, and a woman said she “found the results of her intentions in her crisper bin.” We all burst out laughing, because we all know that drawer in the fridge—the one with exotic vegetables: celery root, kale, mustard […]

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Just Like Amy


I wonder sometimes, where I’d be now, if I hadn’t stopped drinking and popping xanax. I’ve been advised over and over not to “what if” myself into a bout of anxiety. I get anxious easily. But my mind goes there, now and then. Especially when things are going well. And things are going well right […]

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