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Anna David – I United To Face Addiction

anna and rt and kenny

Originally posted on Rehab Reviews When you’re gathering with thousands of sober folks, relatives of addicts and others who just care about the recovery cause, you don’t know what to expect. Or let me rephrase: I had no idea at all what to expect. I am not, by any means, a political activist. It’s safe […]

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In The Rooms Is 7 years old And Celebrated In Washington DC

ITR posse

  This past weekend I had the good fortune to attend the Unite To Face Addiction event in Washington DC. InTheRooms was one of the sponsors and we shared the Wellness Tent with our good friends Tommy Rosen, Nikki Myers and Jameson Monroe. We’ve worked hard on this event for 4 months. We’ve sent emails, […]

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My DC Trip – Unite To Face Addiction Rally

chris herren

Me getting to DC last weekend for the Unite To Face Addiction rally took all the planning of a large scale military operation. Organizing childcare, trying to fund it, booking flights – and then of course there was the hurricane scare. Would I even get out of Ireland without being sucked into the vortex of […]

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It seems like everyone has a story to tell.  My social media news feeds are littered with links to blogs describing stories of wedding planners gone mad, and kids’ crayons melted into car seats.  I guess you can say I’m hopping on that wagon, in more ways than one.  The only difference is, I’m sharing […]

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Musical Piece “Inderia(Splendor)”

Best seat in the house

Inderia(Splendor) By Harv S.

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“Otheration” – Attachment To What Others Think


Before I started drinking and using, before my mom’s drinking had become the huge issue it turned out to be, before I fell in love with addict after addict I was emotionally bound to others.  It is appropriate as a baby, as a child. We learn to smile by being smiled at, how to laugh […]

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The 12 Steps And Chronic Ill Health


I am the boat and I am the ocean. The waves are constant, swelling, falling. Doubt, Insecurity, Why? I can’t adjust my sails for they are broken. Once they were full and beautiful, able to catch the breeze, free to travel. Now they are stranded upon a vessel lost on a troubled sea. The tides […]

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A Trip Home

grover - a trip home

December 5th, 2013 at 3:44pm, the weather man says it’s going to be clear and sunny till next Thursday with temperatures in the sixties after today. I finished packing up the bike, grabbed a sausage and biscuit, cup of jo, kiss and hug and hit the road. Thirty nine degrees and cloudy, and the biggest […]

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Functionally Ever After


  Why does it start? Will it ever end? The dysfunction eating away at your soul Till you feel so empty and no longer whole. Why did it choose me, why is this my reality? The pendulum swings, and soon it becomes your normality   Functionally ever after Can it be? They say to keep […]

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The Visitor – concrete poetry version


Photography by MrClean. Concrete poetry is a type of poetry that uses some sort of visual presentation to enhance the effect of the poem on the reader. The visual layout of the poem need not necessarily form a picture, although many concrete poems do.  

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Welcome To “I Love Recovery Cafe”


Well we did it! “I Love Recovery Café” is now a thing. Months of editing, website building, coding, discussing and deciding have gone into the creation of this pretty fabulous project. I am completely thrilled to be able to present I Love Recovery Café, to the global recovery community. My vision for such a publication […]

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The Breath Is The Bridge


Right now, before you start reading, take a moment to breathe, with attention, three or four times.  These deep breaths come from a soft abdomen and an expandable chest. In and out through the nose – or in the nose and out the mouth.  Not to be too concerned about a “right way”.  Just breathe. […]

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A Daily Reprieve From Drinking – Not From Life


So here I am not quite 34 years old, a mother of 2, wife, musician, Reiki Master and Alcoholic/Addict. Labels and more Labels. I have recently been diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) so I now also carry the label “disabled.” I came into the program of AA when I finally realised that I needed […]

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Mental Meanderings Of A Sober Parent


Sitting quietly at home one evening, I got to thinking deeply about how my children have survived the many adverse social situations that having an addicted parent brings. Even when things are going well there is no peace in my brain. Nope! I went from contemplating their miraculous achievements to wondering which one of my […]

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Scribble, Paint, Dance


“Words are sacred, we must use them wisely….they are a gift of God.” – Burton Pretty-On-Top I was introduced to this quote when I left Rehab. I was asked to pick a page from a book we read from every day, so randomly I flicked the pages, and stopped on the page that contained this […]

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Musical Piece by Harv S



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Musical Piece by Dave R



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Are We Really All-inclusive?


It occurred to me that perhaps we need to be a little more culturally proficient in our group. Because we are global, we have people participating from many different places with different ways of doing meetings. Maybe we need to become more aware that we all probably think that the way we facilitate meetings is […]

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Retiring The Monkey

man meditating

With a pending DWI and a nudge from the judge, I rushed into my 1st 12 step meeting – late. I had intended to get there on time, but my mind had other plans, as usual. Being responsible, considerate of others or punctual wasn’t my forte. Over the years, since my introduction to the program, […]

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A little of my 12 Steps


A little of my STEP 1: once I start using, I can’t stop or control my using. Using controls me. As a result, my life becomes garbage. I’m totally focused on getting & using my substance of choice, coming down when I can’t get more, scheming and planning how to get more – but more […]

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