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A visit with my Best Friend Part II

1 Comment 30 April 2014

A visit with my Best Friend Part II


The sound of your music floats on the breeze

over the top of the hill,

I am giddy with anticipation.

I run to you,

embracing me we smile.


Your intense warmth and light settles my worried heart.

My body seems to be in love with your space



You freely share it with me.


Such decadence and beauty inside your home

Such easy ebb and flow

of love.

So much love

I feel like I can wrap it around me

and drift into a content sleep



The scents and sounds

you have created for me

cannot be replicated by ordinary men.


How well you know me

I do not even need to speak a word

of the poisonous words

my soul has been assaulted with


piercing words.

Your touch frees the tears

that are caught in my chest

trickles of betrayal

flow down my cheeks

my breath free again.


I sit on the soft ground

close my eyes

and listen to your words.

I am aware of you

right there in front of me

Your heat

penetrates me

sooths my skin

delivers peace to my bones.

I don’t want to leave,

You are my only refuge.


You tell me to return anytime

You are always home

no invitation required.

There will always be


sweet fragrance

and peace

just for me.

You say you love no one more than me,

I believe you

At last.


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1 comment

  1. Irisheyes1 says:

    Beautiful, Nicky. Thank you for sharing!

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