Aaron Emerson is a writer, blogger and author that writes about addiction and addiction policy, recovery, mental illness, hope and spirituality. Many of his writings relate to his addiction and recovery from heroin and his lifelong attempt to maintain sobriety. His blog, Hope From Dope, is maintained daily and he also runs a weekly newsletter. He has published one book, To Hell And Back: Heroin And Recovery, which is a memoir about his addiction and early recovery. He has also worked as a reporter and editor for almost three years for newspapers around Lansing, Michigan.

    It Was That Day – By Aaron Emerson

    Walking up to the Volunteers of America homeless shelter on that bright sunny day, in the downtown outskirts of Michigan’s Capital City with my Dad was a surreal experience. I was sure he was going to see the run down building, the mean-mugging, desperate-looking older men outside the door, and decide that the decision he made to leave me there was not the right one. Tears streamed out of his eyes and down his face. That sour, depressing, hopeless look was etched on his face as he walked me up to the place that all but spelled out “last resort.” He was out of options. He really meant it this time. The day before he said that if I used heroin one more time in his house, I was not welcome in the family home. Even though I was 21, it was still a family home to my siblings and… Continue reading