Aaron Lee is an Alchemist™ of sorts. Mixologist of words and art, of nostalgia and truth, and of the profound and profane.♠ renegade lover of low and high art. Privately trained and college dropout.♣ collector of pomade tins, old photographs and tattoos.♦ recovering addict.♥ sober IVXIIMMXV.Father of the most amazing little fella ever to grace this green Earth or any other variation of this world.Check out Aarons' website www.sobrsoldier.com

271 Days and I’m a Believer – By Aaron Lee Perry

In 4 days I will be clean and sober for 9 months.  I never thought I could get a day sober much less this long. And it is absolutely mind blowing to me how much my life has changed.  I am doing things I never imagined I would do in my life, especially after losing it all 9 months ago. I was fortunate in that I had something a lot of people in my situation don’t have – a loving supportive family.  Without that I can say with 99% certainty, I would not have made it through recovery and would still be using and either in jail or dead. My family may not understand everything about addiction and recovery but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that they accept me and stand behind me. The recovery community is also amazing. Both in the rooms and online, the people that… Continue reading

These Stars Tonight – By Aaron Perry (aka SobrSoldier)

I never planned for any of this to happen. But fuck, who does, I think to myself as I stand outside smoking a cigarette. It’s cold out. Winter approaches. Sky full of stars. Trees are all dead. Car windows frosted. It’s two in the morning. Can’t sleep but that’s nothing new. I like the cold. It tells me I’m alive. After all, I should be dead. Two hundred and fifty days ago I tried to end it, the only way I knew how. The only exit I could see was to die. That’s a lie. The only exit I chose to see was suicide because the other ways out scared me more than that. Now isn’t that some fucked up shit. I would rather swing from a tree than face the truth. To admit my wrong doings. To ask for forgiveness. I was a multi-decade drunk, an opiate junky, a… Continue reading