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Abbi currently resides in the great state of Minnesota (U.S.A.). She is a high school English teacher, writer, dreamer, and general neurotic. She's a huge fan of Mary Karr, Caroline Knapp, Agatha Christie and Lorrie Moore. She also loves recovery. You can contact her at abbidion@gmail.com

Getting Close – From A Distance

“Anxiety looms and you think: This is why I drank. Sadness washes up: This is why I drank. Rage surfaces, or doubt or self-loathing: This is why I drank. Addictions, after all, are enormously self-protective. They’re coping mechanisms, antidotes to strong emotion.”   –   Caroline Knapp, from The Merry Recluse I remember the confusion that dating brought in my early 20’s. On my way out the door I’d just casually drop my keys on the counter of my built in bar, swing open a cabinet, pull out a bottle of my preferred alcoholic drink and take a swig. “Ah – Now I’m ready.” When I got into my date’s car I felt thankful I’d decided to take that drink. The glowing dash and dark leather. The music piping through his system all added to my discomfort. What the hell was I doing here? What two or three or four hours… Continue reading