Alana has been a nurse for 26 years, she is in active recovery from codependency and grateful everyday for another chance. She loves kids, Labrador retriever's, Pekingese dogs and healthy boundaries! Visit online at www.AlanaKhaase.com

My Very First Meeting – By Alana Haase

I had mentioned some time ago, that I would post about my first twelve step meeting. I’ve gotten a lot of requests to tell on myself since then. My behavior is a source of hilarity to me NOW but at the time… Well, let’s just say I was a little bit nuclear bomb angry, fearful and living in a cloud of constant anxiety. I did not go to that meeting of my own free will. One of my dearest friends had finally grabbed me by both shoulders and told me, “If you do not go to that meeting tonight I will come get you, duct tape your fanny to the bumper of my car and DRAG you there!” I could tell by the flashing of her brilliant blue eyes that she meant business. She was done with the never-ending nonsense caused by the chaos in my life. Her knee’s were… Continue reading

The Sting – By Alana Haase

 A few weeks ago, I got up early on a gorgeous Sunday morning. My plans were to take a nice long hike with my dogs, enjoy a cup of hot coffee on the deck then head off to church. My old lab was sniffing a bush, poking her big in and then suddenly she was completely tangled in thorns. I crawled into the thicket to untangle her and the leash and I felt a sudden burning hot pain in my butt. I shot up, tangling myself in the thorns, as I felt another burning pain, then another. As I tried to get free I saw the yellow jackets on my sleeve and it all made horrible sense. I had disturbed a nest of highly venomous and now very angry hornets. I am deathly allergic to stings. My plans now changed. I desperately fought my way free, unhooked my dogs leash and… Continue reading

The view from Rock Bottom and How to Change It – Alana Haase

What is Rock Bottom? The Urban Dictionary defines it as: “A state of being wherein you feel as though you cannot sink any lower emotionally, psychologically or physically. My view from rock bottom was cream colored linoleum with beige flecks in it. It was the floor in my bathroom and I was lying face down looking at it through swollen eyes. When my hysterical crying finally stopped and I could take a breath I studied the floor very carefully. I remember feeling shocked at how ugly the floor was from this view. When I was able to stand I looked in the mirror at a complete stranger. Long tangled dark hair, matted in area’s with mucous from the crying. Red eyes so swollen my view was distorted, pale blotchy skin and lips. I stared in horror at this version of myself and heard a deep voice speak directly into my spirit,… Continue reading