Alissa describes herself as a thirty-something Texas gal trying to find her place in the world. She's a recovering alcoholic blogging about her road to self-recovery. She looks toward living a healthy, active life as a means to successful living. She has a list of hobbies that keeps growing, as she finds new ways of filling the alcohol void. Love, laughter and adventure are her priorities these days.


It seems like everyone has a story to tell.  My social media news feeds are littered with links to blogs describing stories of wedding planners gone mad, and kids’ crayons melted into car seats.  I guess you can say I’m hopping on that wagon, in more ways than one.  The only difference is, I’m sharing a less glamorous portrayal of life.  I don’t have kids, I’m not a cook, and I don’t have the end all cure for cellulite.  I’m writing for those of us who struggle with something a lot less cute than a crying two-year old.  I’m writing about my story of a relationship that is high maintenance, kicks you when you’re down, yet you can’t seem to leave it.  A relationship that goes by many names, and manifests itself in people of all shapes and sizes.  I’m writing this with the hopes of helping anyone out there,… Continue reading