Angela is 3 and a half years in recovery and never expected to make it a week. She lives in Wexford, Ireland, is the mother of 3 children and step mother of 3 more.....and has 4 grandchildren. This life is beyond everything she could have hoped for, and now, at the grand old age of 46 has found the courage to do what she's always wanted to do....which is to write. Her secret weapon through all this and in life in general is a sense of humour, and the ability to see the weird and ridiculous side of every situation. She says "you only live once, might as well give it all you've got."

    I Feel Like I’ve Lost You My Friend – By Angela Carley

    I can feel it you know. When you wave at me driving by, that big cheery, manly salute, as if all is well with the world, and you’re having a ball…..I can see it in you. You’re embarrassed to talk to me. You think I’ll judge you…..but I never would. Things changed didn’t they? We were on this road together for a while. And we were flying. We understood each other, and how hard it could be sometimes to live with the strange thoughts in these minds of ours, and these addictions that we fight. We had this recovery business down, and there was no stopping us. You pulled me up when I was struggling, and told me I’d be okay. And you were right….I was…after a while. And I hope I’ll always be. But you my friend, you wouldn’t be okay. You slipped and fell, again and again. I was so angry with you the first time. How… Continue reading

    Wilderness – By Angela Carley

    My mind became a forest, full of darkness, cold and fear Where I wandered in the half life, alone with dread and tears I searched amongst the shadows, I stumbled left and right But the path to home eluded me, became further out of sight So I settled in the half life, grew bitter, older, cold Accepted this fearful landscape, huddled deep in shadows old The time moved on regardless, the days and nights were one I waited in the wilderness and prayed for help to come The blackest night then came to me, inky choking doom I shrank down to my knees in dread and hoped the end was soon But someone, somewhere watched me and willed my heart to wake, Urged me to look to myself and to make good my escape So in this inky black of night, I stirred and searched for fuel Made myself a… Continue reading