Christi W
My name is Christi W and I am an alcoholic. I live in constant gratification to God for relieving me of the bondage of self and self-destructive behaviours. The program of Alcoholics Anonymous has taught me that one day at a time, I can live recovered from this seemingly hopeless disease. I live in the Dallas, TX area and have a grown daughter and an almost 6 year old son who are the lights of my life. I hope my story inspires you to know there IS hope and that we DO recover if we choose to.

Grateful For This Beautiful, Messy Life – By Christi W

  I sat in my car with tear filled eyes, gazing up at the dilapidated old building I lived in wondering, how did I get here? How did I go from enjoying a successful career, living and working in a swanky highrise in downtown Dallas to a shaking shell of the person I once was? I knew it had to stop, I begged for it to stop. I was a nightly blackout drunk. I couldn’t not drink and I couldn’t drink. I was lost in every way a person can be. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. I was always uncomfortable in my skin and I was always a rule breaker. Rules never mattered to me, I was an exception to the rules anyway. So I thought. At the age of 16, when my grandmother went to work, I skipped school and invited some friends over to hangout. It would be the second… Continue reading