Christine lives a quiet life in Northern Michigan after years of working with dual diagnosis in the Twin Cities which was difficult and rewarding all at once. She spends her days writing and being of service. She feels humbled and grateful for her peaceful life, and all her ‘spiritual family’ all found in sobriety. Her story is raw and honest and sometimes painful to share.

    A Story Of Transformation – By Christine Campbell

    I’m approaching another sobriety anniversary, and God willing I will celebrate twenty four years on the twenty eight of January. What a ride it has been for sure. I finished my final project for my Master’s degree in Advanced Studies of Human Behavior last Spring. I am an A student, and I put my all into my work no matter what the task or requirement is. I think back to the ninety two pound near death mess I was upon my final surrender to alcohol and drugs. With my sponsors (and her sponsors) strong suggestion of long term treatment, I went out to Los Angeles, to one of the two sober living places available in the country where women and their children were accepted. My heart was breaking watching my then four year old by my side, trusting me completely, and offering support in her own way. “Mom, don’t you… Continue reading