Ever since he held up his English class at age 14, to find out from the teacher, how to become a writer, Colm has been toying with writing. Now middle aged and sober he is a writer of poems, songs, short stories, film scripts and novels. Having studied communication in DCU, Script writing the NYU, and Film Production with DIT, he eventually gave it all up to pursue a career in IT - because he thought he had to. He has finally learned that one of the paths to sobriety is being true to oneself. Colm is in recovery since October 1st 2013. He spends most of his time photographing and writing as much as he can and says his lucky number is 13. His website www.colmwordart.com deals mainly with his lyric writing, and links to a Facebook page of the same nature.

The Grim Reapers Bicycle

    I saw a man talk to death today. I didn’t know if they parted company, or became stead fast friends. I saw a woman from her bike pass something to the medic, not overtly concerned at her rock still companion, his chest compressed, his temple bloodied. Perhaps her friends shock and awe, were distracting her from the situation. I noticed no breath. We do not breathe in conversation with the grim reaper.   I didn’t stop. I just stuck out an arm to signal possible assassins I was indeed going to overtake the fire truck directly in my path, where Death had just minutes previously, laughingly, shouldered his victim to the road so that they could talk. I don’t want to chat with death, he plays unfairly. So I pedalled on my way hoping he didn’t want me to join the party, aware that my flesh and bone… Continue reading

A Life I Couldn’t Accept – So I Made it Better

This October if I make it to October, because I take it one day at a time, I will be sober for two years. Back then, I was working full time in an office in the IT industry. I lived alone in a foreign country and entangled in a very co-dependant relationship with a friend who was not very well. We were not lovers but spent a ridiculous amount of time together. I saw my two kids only at the weekends, (luckily for us all) and I had debts that I couldn’t manage.  I couldn’t understand where all the money was going.  At one stage my bank card was cancelled because of my consistent over draft. My bills lay unopen for weeks, and I wouldn’t even open the letter box until I really needed to. I have failed at two long term partnerships, each lasting about seven years. My work… Continue reading