Daniel Cryns has been writing all of his life. He has only recently begun to share his work (even with himself). A free spirit, and not very organized, Daniel shares his life experience without credentials or apology. He does not tranquil eyes his dragons. This is his debut in the arena of published work.

The Visitor

  And we walk in shadows, always asking for something, always hoping to be seen, heard, loved… Yet trees grow tall, so old, unconcerned with this and that or who they might be today, or tomorrow… Eventually we too will be relieved of this duty to be… and simply exist unaided by the silly idea that there is anything we need to do to be beautiful… Eventually we will simply open our eyes and smile…. and smile at the brilliance we had mistaken for something dangerous, something terrifying, something we assumed was unneeded, not yearned for… yet always right there at the door knocking softly, not wishing to intrude, to shower you in the taste of freedom… in the grace of unbounded love Nothing to do at all… nothing at all… You are so beautiful my eyes dissolve in your brightness, my flesh turns to light. © Daniel Cryns 8/2012… Continue reading