Davalyn is 27 years old and is grateful for recovery! She enjoys a much simpler happy life with her family and AA friends. Hairstylist, yogi, vegan, spirituality & recovery blogger, and survivor of critical burns, are just a few proud terms she uses to describe herself. She aspires to launch a public website and blog very soon helping to educate on the benefits of living an active and vegan/vegetarian lifestyle and how it helped heal her spiritually and bring her closer to her Higher Power & purpose, which she believes is to give back hope to the recovery community. She will be backpacking in Costa Rica for her first time later in the year with her mother & brother.

It’s About Perspective – By Davee Christina

Sitting in an AA speaker meeting and listening to someone’s story feels like reading an autobiography. Every person has a story full of recounted memories of the good and bad. Whether downright downplayed or exaggerated, each person’s story is unique in its own way because it’s told from personal perspectives. There are many things money can buy in this world but a new perspective isn’t one of them. Only hard work gets you one of those. One thing that is mentioned in the promises and by many members of AA is that we will gain a new perspective. How perfect and wonderful it is to be guaranteed a new outlook on life, a reprieve from the dreary hopeless life we once led in active alcoholism and addiction. I never knew just how important it is to tap into gaining a different point of view, probably more important a tool than… Continue reading

More Than Just Food – By Davee Christina

I took my mother and grandmother out to lunch twice recently as a Mother’s Day gift. The first time was Asian cuisine for dinner. The other, an All-American Diner with a simple breakfast/lunch menu. Both places could not be anymore different, yet the result was the same; satisfying. We arrived hungry, laughed and ate while reminiscing, and left in better spirits than we had arrived. The gift of delicious food. How often I underestimated the power of a meal for holidays, birthdays, family events, Sunday BBQ’s, and graduations. “It matters not what is on the table, or who is beside you. We all share the same love for food, when food is made with love,” – my mother would remind me growing up. I wrote a post recently on the healing power of silence, and because of the nurturing women in my life, I’ve been inspired to write about a… Continue reading

The Healing Power of Silence – By Davee Christina

Very recently, I decided I enjoy silence more than radio in the mornings. Every single morning, on my way to work, I turn my radio off and listen to nothing. I pray, and I listen to my thoughts instead. I find this practice extremely amusing, entertaining, fascinating and sometimes horrifying. My mind asks inane questions, appearing out of thin air, even on the way to a meeting. Why can’t you just stop? Why do you need to go to a meeting today? Aren’t you recovered by now? There’s a quote I like – “Silence is the mystery of the world to come”. If you are skeptical about just how beneficial silence can be in your sober life, trust me, I was too. For most of my adult life, I lived about five hours south of my parents and my hometown. It was far enough that I could do whatever I… Continue reading