Dave has been composing music and writing songs since his late teens. He studied theatre at Dartington College of Arts, in the UK, before pursuing an early career in acting, directing and teaching. He has played and sung in a variety of bands and has composed music for TV documentaries in the UK and USA. Since getting involved in recovery, his outlook on life, work and people has changed dramatically - and for the better. He is currently working on what he now considers to be his life’s work: he is writing his first book on the subject of spirituality; and is composing his first symphony for full orchestra. He is also a father and single parent, taking care of his daughter for half of each week, and dedicating the other half to his work. Exciting times!"

    “Luciana” Piano Piece – By Dave Rose

    I composed this piece of piano music for a TV documentary about a young girl who was suffering from a rare illness. Hopefully this piece touches – in some small way – her tremendous spirit. Recorded and produced at www.leicester-recordingstudio.co.uk.   https://soundcloud.com/davidrosecomposer/luciana-composed-by-david-rose Continue reading