Diane T. has been in recovery since January 1990. She has been an artist most of her life and has had shows over the years in Barnes and Noble and various restaurants. She has sold her handmade jewelry and taught art privately to both children and adults. Diane's love of writing Haiku has increased over the years and hopes to be published one day. She has been working with children since 1990 and has been a homeroom teacher for almost 20 years. With a Masters in Art Therapy and a Masters in Elementary Education she is now thinking about going for an 18 credit certificate program in leadership and administration. Her passions are friends, family, self-reflection, painting, animals (including her two cats,) Brazilian Jazz and strong coffee! Naps are always a must during the summers and riding her bike makes her feel free. She knows that she wouldn't have any of this without being sober. Diane continues to strive for a more sober and spiritual life on a daily basis

    Are We Really All-inclusive?

    It occurred to me that perhaps we need to be a little more culturally proficient in our group. Because we are global, we have people participating from many different places with different ways of doing meetings. Maybe we need to become more aware that we all probably think that the way we facilitate meetings is the right way. After all that’s what we are used to, how we grew up in our chosen fellowship. So do we perhaps need to be more flexible? At the same time we are creating our own culture here in our meetings. Obviously we need a delicate balance between what everyone thinks is the best way while still creating a global culture. And just what is our culture on here? Do we have a rigid way of doing things or are we open to different ways and ideas? Do we allow all kinds of voices… Continue reading