Elizabeth Kipp
Elizabeth R Kipp is in recovery and is a health facilitator specializing in stress and chronic pain management, addiction recovery, meditation, and yoga. She is a best-selling author, certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher (RYT/IKYTA), EFT/Tapping Practitioner, and Ancestral Clearing Practitioner, focused on helping people actualize their inherent healing. Elizabeth holds a Plant Science B.S. degree from the University of Delaware. Elizabeth is a long-time seeker of truths, spanning both the spiritual and scientific worlds. In 1982, Elizabeth’s professional career ended because of a structural weakness in her low spine. She spent the next 31 years pursuing a way to stabilize her spine and find freedom from persistent pain. Her deep connection to the spiritual world supported her through abuse as a child, multiple surgeries, decades of prescribed medications, addiction, and a long search for modalities that would help her heal. Elizabeth works to help others achieve the same healing for themselves. Contact Elizabeth at https://Elizabeth-Kipp.com

Progress AND Perfection (….yes, I just said that!) – Elizabeth Kipp

This thing about not being perfect can be a soothing balm to a perfectionist such as myself when I get things blown out of proportion. Mostly my recovery is about “progress not perfection… but I sensed so much frustration around this concept when I first came into recovery. I call myself a perfectionist in recovery, or a recovering perfectionist. My striving for the perfect can drive me straight into suffering… and out of recovery. My Inner Critic had a field day with me when I made a mistake. I have worked to tone this down and have made progress. Along the way, I discovered why I was having such a hard time harnessing my strident Inner Critic around this perfectionist obsession. I discovered that this penchant I had developed was one I had come by honestly. Let me explain. Yes, humans are imperfect. Yet there are many things we set… Continue reading