Esther Nagle is a teacher, speaker and writer who is passionate about the power of Yoga as a tool for recovery from addiction. Her debut book, Bent Back into Shape, Beating Addiction Through Yoga, reached the number 1 in the Addiction category on Kindle, and has already been changing people’s lives. You can find out more about Esther and read more of her writing at

My 13 Steps To Recovery – By Esther Nagle

 Slowly my need for alcohol diminished. I was no longer afraid of facing my emotions. When my life hit that famous rock bottom in 2013, I didn’t go to a meeting or to treatment. I didn’t even accept that alcohol was playing a part in the disintegration of my ability to get through life’s troubles. That it was actually causing or contributing to so many of my problems.  I still thought it was the friend that was helping me. No, I ‘didn’t need’ treatment, but what I did accept I needed was a new direction. I had tried lots of things to help me relax, including the Yoga classes I had been attending for years.  I often returned home to a bottle of wine, cigarettes and joints! I was clearly missing the point of Yoga somewhere along the way. Despite this, I had wanted to train to teach yoga for… Continue reading