Grover has been clean since January 17th 1986 and owns only one white chip. He entered recovery broken and with a ton of baggage. Having a background as a good ole southern boy, the only thing that had got him through was his work ethic. Not much of a scholar, high school dropout with a GED and some college he's always worked with his hands. In recovery he lost his eldest son to the disease. He runs his own business and is a devoted husband, father and grandfather. He has raised wolves for the last 18 years. He is a biker, a conservative, a believer, walks a Red Road and is a human being that lives by Grace. The wind is his patch, common sense his tool, 44 his protection from ignorance, honesty and humility his goal.

A Trip Home

December 5th, 2013 at 3:44pm, the weather man says it’s going to be clear and sunny till next Thursday with temperatures in the sixties after today. I finished packing up the bike, grabbed a sausage and biscuit, cup of jo, kiss and hug and hit the road. Thirty nine degrees and cloudy, and the biggest decision for me to make – what route to take to Alabama? Right or left? I choose right toward Highway 10 – the long way. Dragging floorboards on the twisties going up the highway, I knew it was goanna be a good ride. Rolling down 412 East across the Northern hills and valleys of beautiful Northern Arkansas. Small towns, narrow roads, low valleys while running the ridges, twisting the throttle back leaning heavy into the curves. Vance and Hines sung the song of my native people, stopping only for gas and occasional bathroom breaks. Coming… Continue reading