Jennifer Moroch Fara
I am a 56 yr old mom born and raised in NY and now living down the Jersey shore. I should have come in to recovery many many times over those years but finally at 50 i knew it was live or die and ultimately i did it for my children which in turn was for me..i was doing to my children what was done to me and that was losing their mother..i never want them to feel abandoned and be triggered by that throughout life as different hurdles come along..there are different forms of abuse and verbal is part of my story along with being taken from my mom... I often feel like i am not making strides but then realize, while i have a long way to go, i have come a long way too.. i wear my heart of my hard..hurt hard.. and used to play way to hard and have the scars to prove it..the scars get worse with age as does my wrinkles but i am wiser and calmer..somethings about me will never change..i have tried..i will always forgive, love, hurt, and love again.. grateful for my life today and hope to grow and learn each day..

Pain you Glorious Creature – By Jennifer Moroch Fara

Believe oh doubting mind it is true Pain can bring out the genius in you The creative soils you thought were dry Moistness once lost now again thrives A silly girl is all they see One with that heart upon her sleeve They don’t know you as you are They only see you from afar Depth has returned she does rejoice The chambers in her mind regained their voice The pain, the pain, you are a gift How she welcomes this spiritual shift Drying the tears from alcohol The spark, the magic finally recalled Long ago a she had much to give Surrendering to darkness, the light again lives Yes you say she will always be That girl you find ever so silly And that’s okay because she knows Her truth is not for you to grow And yes you have your enormous words Looking down on her as just… Continue reading