Jo is a woman in recovery who is working hard to uncover the person she was always supposed to be. For many years she channeled her chaos into a sense of urgency in the nonprofit world - working for or with ASPCA, UNHCR, Wounded Warrior Project and many others. These days, she's working towards her certification as an Addictions Counselor and has returned to graduate school at University of Maryland Baltimore to pursue her master's in Social Work. Her husband and two mutts have been the pillars in the storm and will continue to be.

Chaos – I can’t quit you! – By Jo Black Sullivan

Chaos has been in the fabric of my being since I was five years old.  I didn’t understand it then but I was most definitely cultivating the art of creating it, developing an eye to spot it and seeking out people who responded to it. Chaos was my safe place long before booze and drugs took over and it has remained so long after.  In the years they were both in my life – I was a constantly twisting crescendo of ecstatic misery.  Living life in a cycle of artificial highs, sick and craving hours that served their own purpose to fill my soul and the brief moments of reality which were completely unacceptable.  So I wrapped it all in chaos and mayhem in an effort to never ever – even for one moment – be alone with myself. It started when I was a child.  There was on older… Continue reading