Joanee T. worked as a journalist and publicist until her recent retirement. She has been sober for 27 years.

    An “Old-Timer” in a “Newcomer’s” World – By Joanee T

    I came into recovery in 1988.  I was miserable, broken, and lonely.  I was pretty much friendless and hopeless.  I felt like I was dropped onto this planet from another universe and didn’t belong there or here. I was smoking a lot of pot, sniffing speed, and drinking until I passed out every night. I never fell asleep, back in the day, I just passed out. In the mornings I came to; never woke up. I had no idea it was the drugs and the booze that was causing me to disconnect from my family, friends and society. And of course, all the drugs I was consuming had nothing to do with why my life was so wretched. For someone who had been told she’s fairly intelligent (though I never believed it) I hadn’t had a cohesive thought in years – maybe decades.  I was the last to find out… Continue reading