Karina has been in Recovery since 2000 and has been writing blogs on recovery for 3 years and has recently started writing poetry. She is a qualified Reiki practitioner and Therapist. She is currently writing a book in collaboration with another woman. She believes that lost dreams do awaken and has achieved hers by moving to where she currently resides on Vancouver Island.

    Friends With Benefits – No Thanks! by Karina Shubaly

    My journey with creating healthy sexual relationships started about 5 years ago. I found myself yet again, wailing to my brother in law, the tale of another infatuation gone awry. I refer to my brother in law as Saint Monica; the saint of Patience!  We talked about the idea of me writing a comedic and poignant book about surviving addictive relationships (past, present and future). I certainly had enough potential comedic material to fill that book and another, through the assorted pseudo relationships I had since leaving my husband. Recently I found myself, once again, spinning faster than a whirling dervish or Tasmanian Devil. It was crazy. I found myself angry, sad and joyous all at the same time. When a friend hit an “ouchie” yesterday, the tears quietly and openly fell. There were shared moments of laughter with friends; the kind of laughter that hurts your belly and you can… Continue reading