Lynne describes herself as an Elderwoman, living an estuarine lifestyle on the North Coast of New South Wales in Australia. It was 1987 when she entered recovery. She is the mother of two and a Grandmother. In 2014 she lost her partner. He was found beside the road in the middle of the Forest where he did his morning Buddhist meditations. Three months later, run down and devastated by grief she developed a sepsis pneumonia and spent 3 weeks in a coma. She describes it as a long, slow dreaming. Having survived her illness, a year later she says she thought she would come back from her coma complete and wise. However, she feels she didn’t. She thanks God for Americans who have been awake in the Middle of her Darkest Nights and Online.

I don’t think it was a sign but it was a nice butterfly

Its quiet here tonight and I am now in Mourning. I did a few powerful things today. I rang the Road Traffic Association and found that the Kombi was already transferred to the Girls. I got my electricity payments in order and I had the sense to ring LH in Yamba regarding Centrelink. She handled it all smoothly for me and in minutes. Address changed. Super declared. I think taxes are next and the girls have the papers so I shall just call ATO and ask advice. So that was big. I also went to Doc. Olivia and she told me about systemic herpes meningitis.  Sometimes, often in fact, I am caught in this whirl of illnesses and fear – and I am not having any part of it. Tomorrow acupuncture. $90 but that’s the end of the expenses. There are many things I wish to do – like Byron… Continue reading