Magnolia New Beginnings, Inc. is dedicated to advocating for those affected with the disease of addiction, creating educational opportunities to inform and raise awareness about substance abuse, and supporting addicts and their families in the process of seeking recovery, maintaining sobriety, and reaching their highest potential through a new beginning. Magnolia New Beginnings has no paid staff, no overhead aside from minor administrative costs such as postage, website etc.., which allows all donations to go to the intended purpose; raising awareness and helping to create new beginnings for those affected by the disease of addiction. We strive to create a united voice among advocacy groups in order to create change. Check out Magnolia on their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/beforethepetalsfall/ and website http://www.magnolianewbeginnings.org/

Mother Warriors – By Heidi Houle

They say that Warriors fight in faraway countries and distant shores, they are heroes and that is true they protect our freedom and we thank you. Mother Warriors are of a different breed, we have no training or general to take the lead. Our enemy is drugs, addiction, a disease, a despicable one! Our battle is saving our daughters, our sons. There are no rules to guide us in this struggle, it’s one day at a time and still our own lives we must juggle. We have ups and downs and shed many tears, but we have grown stronger over the year’s. Sadly we are still losing loved ones every day but we continue to fight, continue to pray. To all those battling this horrific disease there is always hope you can break free, you are not alone we do not judge, for a Mother Warriors greatest weapon is our… Continue reading

Choose Freedom – By William Marotta

Choose freedom. How did I come to that? Why did I choose that as a name for a blog? As a title for what the thoughts are that go through my mind. It’s because a moment of freedom creates so much clarity, confidence & inspiration inside ourselves. This isn’t meant to be professional. Honestly, it’s raw. This is my experience and mine only. I want to change perception. I want to change families beliefs on addiction. I want to change the world. Period. So I departed from this company, and when I did, some words that were thrown around pierced my character and crushed me to the core. I wanted to die. I was a walking billboard for “let’s change the world.” I wasn’t in a church basement, or a room talking about how we end the stigma. I fucking wear my recovery like the shirt on my back. It… Continue reading

Dear Judgy Lady On Facebook – By Elizabeth Ann

Dear judgy lady on facebook, I read the article you shared on narcan. Your opinion and commentary made my pulse pound and my face flush. I was angry, but after a few minutes passed I didn’t want to punch you in the face anymore. My heart softened towards you, because I know you just don’t get it. You are so lucky and I am envious of that. I wish more than anything else that I didn’t get it either. I never wanted to and as much as I think you suck for saying what you did, I hope you never have to. You see, I know something you don’t know. I have lived it, walked it and most importantly survived it, while you sit on the other end of a computer content in your ignorance. I hear that it is bliss. I made a decision early on in life not… Continue reading

A Message Of Hope From An Addicts Mom

September has been coined National Recovery month, and I’m wanting to sound my horn, shout out from the hills, and set off fireworks, now, and each February 12th. This February will be TEN years for which my daughter, Amanda, has been in recovery! Recovery from all drugs and alcohol. Ten years of a peaceful, rewarding life for her, and her family. And for me. It hasn’t always been like this though, as there were ten long and grueling years prior to this tranquility and joy, whereby I thought nearly every day, that I’d lose her. Well meaning friends saying I needn’t worry, that she’d outgrow it. Me, scared sleepless, fearing the worst. At the sweet young age of 14, my daughter was tempted by the evil hand of a fate so cruel, so dehumanizing, so frightening. Drugs of almost any kind, and alcohol entered her not fully grown mind, and… Continue reading

A Letter From Heaven – By Lorelie Rozzano

Dear Mom and Dad, Words can’t begin to describe how sorry I am. I’ve put you in a position that no parent should ever face. I left – before you. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The natural order of things was skewed by my addiction. I can only imagine the agony you must be in. I know you’re angry, despairing and sad, all at the same time. If only you could reach back in time and pluck me from the path I’d chosen, but you can’t. You never could. God knows, you tried. I wasn’t completely oblivious, to all you did for me. I always believed I had time and the truth is – I was too dammed smart for my own good. I underestimated the power of my disease. I know you tried to tell me this. But I wouldn’t listen. After I began using drugs I… Continue reading