Marc Dunn is a Certified Recovery Coach, Writer and Advocate. He is a Liberal Hippie Redneck. Loves people, sunsets, animals, campfires and conversations about anything. Most of all the comfort of a loving relationship, unconditional friends, free thinking people and children. His recovery date is Nov. 29, 2005. He is married for over 30 years and has three children. He resides in southeast Florida. He has blogged at www.theaablog.com, and currently has his own website at www.marcjdunn.com and www.aftercaresap.com Marc conducts a live AA Video Meeting Online Weekly at http://intherooms.com/ He has written for Reach Out Recovery, The Toast, I Love Recovery Cafe and others. He has appeared as a guest on The Jewish Network TV Show To Life and the Take12Radio Podcast. He Directed and spoke at Addiction Recovery Forum last year, which is now on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwBodlOL5D8 Marc Dunn is the Publisher and Editor - The Rest Of Your Life by Allen Reid McGinnis http://www.amazon.com/The-Rest-Of-Your-Life/dp/1453631313


  Spiritual renewal does not provide us with the answer; it helps us find the way. The past several years of recovery have resulted in an evolution of spirituality in my life. It has also been a desire to share with other men this experience and hear from them how a spiritual awakening has shaped them in their recovery. It is with this in mind that I approached Kenny and RT about chairing a weekly meeting for men only, Spiritual Gangsters. The term is defined anonymously; Someone who lives life to the fullest. Spiritual gangsters are so magical, they have the ability to manifest anything they want instantly just by their ability to release resistance and allow pure positive energy to flow through them. The universe always has their back!! They are enlightened deliberate creators of spiritual evolution and the expansion of consciousness. They focus on the positive and always reach for a… Continue reading

One For The Road – by Marc J Dunn

  The sound of the tires exploding, the bottom of the car bouncing along the shoulder of the road, the screeching sound that comes with a vehicle out of control; none of that was enough to bring me out of my blackout. My car had veered off the Interstate into the grass that separated it from the walled community on the other side. I was slumped over the wheel. My knowledge of these events are not the result of my recall, but what I was later told by the investigating officer who responded to someone’s call to 911. What I remember is very short… at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon I had stopped at a liquor store to get a mini-bottle of Crown, just enough to take the edge off.  A drink for the road, so to speak, “One for the road” was not an expression that I understood.… Continue reading

Drunken Sluts R Us – by Marc J Dunn

  The 75-year-old woman at the speaker’s table was introduced to the group as having 30+ years of addiction recovery and as a “tells it like it is” kind of storyteller. Her opening was, “I knew I was a drunken slut, but I had no idea I was an alcoholic. That was so much worse.” The group listening burst into laughter shooting each other knowing glances as only others in recovery could. It wasn’t shameful what our friend had said, it was something we could all relate to or identify with. We have a bond of commonality in recovery, although we have different specific circumstances, we share recklessness and selfishness, and stealing the serenity of others we claim to love. A quick search of my memory brought forward dozens if not hundreds of episodes that could be classified as “slut like” behavior. Let me draw a line here, because I… Continue reading

Unholy Trinity – Fear, Anger & Guilt

Fear, anger and guilt, the unholy trinity of emotions, are feelings that every addict seeks to alter. They dominated my life from the time of my earliest memories. It was those feelings that lead me on a path of reckless, selfish and dishonest seeking of substances to mask myself. It was the thoughts that I wasn’t good enough and needed to be better that blocked me from being. Young boys grow up with a father or role model they seek approval from or they seek to emulate in order to become a “man”, with all the characteristics that are deemed admirable and manly by society. The lack of this approval, the feeling of being less than, set me on a course that lead to addiction before I picked up my first drink. Christianity and Judaism introduced the concept of God to me at an early age. It was natural for… Continue reading