Mark Goodson has been in continuous recovery since 2007. Writing for him began as a creative tool to recover from addiction and eventually compelled him to become a teacher. Read his blog at http://www.markgoodson.com/

Empty Echo – Poetry By Mark Goodson

    In a passion that could cook skin, Like knuckle-eyed Death at the door, The wild wind whipped Round the blind corner.   I heard the footfall, A stranger in pursuit.   I looked back and saw A well-lit mirror, An open-window-stare.   Heard some phone Call in the night.   A cry, a moan Like river-bed stone Swallowed by Blue river veins.   It was not tomorrow, Or how yesterday Hurls itself At the junction Of my dreams And waking hours.   It was an echo.   My empty voice returned As strange to my ears As to the mouth who Let the utterance fly To remind me I have Not forgotten the ghost That still rattles my bones. (Read Marks Blog at http://www.markgoodson.com/ Continue reading

Spiritual Awakening – By Mark Goodson

  See more of Marks work at markgoodson.com     Spiritual Awakening I had an estranged discovery re-surge in me; it brimmed out from a distant border, like some cosmic debris, not born in or made for this world. Suddenly, each step became a dance; songs were sung in single words. My thoughts, thrown askance, forced me to look again at every certainty. I saw light descend through cloudy tiers, and tall grasses shimmer like the sea. The breezes blew an old secret, sweet and cool. Ashamed that I grew content with grounded feet, I flew a mile if I marched a foot. I felt once more imagination afloat. Continue reading

One Day At A Time – By Mark Goodson

  What a difference one day makes, how set to rise circles round again.     A new dawn breaks on every instance of heartache and loss. We are ready when     freshness comes across. With transformed eyes, first light breaks out of the darkest skies     and turns each shade into new color. This day will soon swim into another.   See more of Marks work at www.markgoodson.com Continue reading