Mark Masserant
I began writing articles for recovery magazines in January of 2016. My work has appeared in I Love Recovery Café, Step 12 Magazine, InRecovery Magazine, Sober Nation and Recovery illustrated, as well as other websites. I love to add humor when writing about my thinking problems and memorable experiences in recovery, and to share some of the little miracles that kept me on the path. I am also a poet and a stained glass artist, working primarily with lamp shades. I am married and have a daughter, live near Ann Arbor, Michigan, and attend meetings regularly. I’ve been continuously clean and sober since March 14th, 1987, and am active in my recovery. I hope I never forget to be grateful for my second chance at life. My first book, Spiritual Geometry 101– Crooked Lines, a collection of twenty sober stories of hope and humor, was printed in February, 2019. The eBook can be purchased here–

Video Store Wisdom – Mark Masserant

  Pain is mandatory, but misery is optional. – some smartass Some days you’re the coyote, and some days you’re the cliff. Everybody runs into one of those days eventually, when problems pile up like an awkward balancing act in a Dr. Seuss story gone terribly wrong. My problem-solving skills used to come in a bottle, or so I thought. Now that I was sober, my biggest problem was that I had problems. I worried about how I looked while I was having them. How could somebody like me have stupid little problems like feeling so incomplete, insecure and broken? They were the worst. Attending meetings regularly was a must. There was too much drama at my house – and I lived alone. I was restless, irritable and discombobulated, but odds were I was making headway. Months after my second year of sobriety, I attended my favorite meeting on a Friday… Continue reading

The Leroys–A Recovery Parody – by Mark Masserant

With the final days of the winter of 2015 approaching and extreme boredom setting in, the Pink Elephant Group decided it was time for something new. Already in the books were several Bowl-a-thons, Karaoke Nights, and finally, the fly-by-night Velcro Twister Games, which led to random thirteenth steps and oodles of resentments.  We dropped them like a bad habit. Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Drunkard was proposed, knocked around and hastily shot down unanimously—our butts had fallen off long ago, leaving most of us disqualified. After multiple suggestions were scrapped, Bitter Bill spoke up from the back of the room. “How’s about handing out some awards to a bunch of ex-drunks?  ‘Course, I probably won’t get one,” he droned drearily. With the Oscars on the horizon, we decided he was right—we could host an awards ceremony, with our own peculiar spin to it. It immediately wobbled into our Pink Elephant think tank. After much debate,… Continue reading

Spiritual Geometry 101 – Crooked Lines – A Book by Mark Masserant

Alcoholism and recovery? How did my book wind up in this genre? To make a long story short… I began writing poetry as a teenager in the late sixties after a tragic event triggered depression and PTSD that went unrecognized for decades. Unbeknownst to me, it served as a spiritual release valve that let my unwanted feelings seep out.  Alcohol was discovered when I was sixteen, and life veered into a new, seemingly friendly direction; soon writing was set aside for more exciting things. I always liked things that made me feel good.  I never said, ‘Ohhh, that felt really good—I‘ll never do that again.’ When someone would see me ‘out of it’, they’d insist, “Don’t worry, he’s just drunk.”  Another more concerned voice would reply, “Oh, thank God, I thought he was on drugs.” However, alcoholism lurked in the family tree, and drinking became a problem before you could… Continue reading

 Spiritual Geometry 101; Crooked Lines – Mark Masserant

Tragedy twists some of us so savagely that a retreat from the pain at a level deep within becomes imperative. It may be aided by the hand of the unseen, or the broken yet enduring spirit that resides in our innermost recesses, using the survival instinct in some crude yet merciful way to preserve a fragile life.  So it was with me. A deadly farm accident I witnessed when I was in my early teens inflicted trauma that cut too deep for time to heal. However, alcohol and the other substances I later used to mask the pain were marginally effective in calming my internal storms.  Though limited in its scope, even a temporary reprieve from the past I was chained to was powerful and welcome. Old memories that haunted me faded. Even so, part of me died inside on that fateful day when I was fourteen—the priceless vessel that… Continue reading

Freedom at the Last House on the Block – Mark Masserant

When someone mentioned freedom at my first 12 step meeting, I wasn’t feeling it—it felt more like I was trapped. I didn’t know it was just what I needed. But I’d been gone a long time, and my life was in a shambles. I felt conspicuous and unprepared for human contact as I faced the strange new terms for survival that were explained to me. It made listening difficult and eye-to-eye contact unnerving. However, I knew I couldn’t run away and hide without being sucked back into the bottle if I raised it to my lips again. It might not spit me out the next time. The specter of alcohol was a gun to my head, forcing me to do things that were contrary to my thinking.  So I kept going to meetings. I had to face life sober, and it was something I hadn’t foreseen. The old-timers insisted everything… Continue reading