I am A Grateful Recovering Addict and Domestic Violence Survivor from Sunny Florida. I Enjoy Yoga, Blogging, and Meditation as part of my Therapy. I have learned to take life "One Day at A Time, and know that healing from anything takes Time.

Recoverying from Narcissistic Abuse – By Michelle Lentini

Gaslighting: To manipulate someone by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. Gaslighting is real, it is dangerous, and it is a very powerful tactic. I should know. I was preyed upon by a narcissist for four years. It was the most horrific, dreadful, frightening relationship I had ever been in. Most people who use this type of tactic on others to gain control have narcissistic or psychopathic character traits. I was in the middle of these relationships, with the most destructive behaviors present, yet I wasn’t fully aware of it most of the time. It was so subtle and gradual that it blindsided me. People who do this are experts and have probably been doing it to others all their lives. I was very vulnerable to being targeted by someone with narcissistic personality traits because of my addictions. However, even the most together, confident and intelligent people can get caught up… Continue reading