Michael started writing at the age of 20. At that time, his poems were all quite morbid, as he was an angry man with a lot of resentments in life. One day he watched the film “A Street Cat Named Bob”, about an addict living on the street who befriended a cat who saved his life, and Michael thought to himself, “If he can survive then so can I.” At the age of 55, Michael finally cleared away those resentments with the A.A. program and wrote a new poem which everyone around him seemed to like very much. This inspired him to write more and more poetry. Michael is happier now than he has ever been in his life. He always says that if his poems only help and inspire one other person, then it’s his way of giving back. He is currently 23 months sober, and has written 20 new poems in the last eight weeks.

Today We Have Life – By Michael Dulake

In a world of corruption, Hatred and greed; Today we have life, A life we can lead. The disruption has gone, And so has the sorrow; Replaced by a programme We know we must follow. The demons won’t leave By the door marked eviction; It wants us all dead, Because that’s our addiction. So some of the demons Will always remain; But today we don’t drink To blot out the pain. If we work at it daily, And give it our best There’s a chance that we won’t Get laid to rest. Sometimes we go through A pain to recover; This network’s in place, To help one another. We must keep on our guard, Keep wide awake; This illness is real And lives it will take. One thing’s for sure, And we never regret; We treat this disease With the utmost respect. In a world of corruption, Hatred and greed;… Continue reading