Nigel Daniel is an introvert with anxiety issues. Alcohol issues and...eh...what was it again?....Oh a mood disorder. Single and some what love-shy [a shrink term, not something he made up]. Likes tattoos and motorcycles. Not a rock concert type, but he does like listening to nature on a summer morning though. He 'me' can also not be called tec savvy.

I Am Who I Am….Or Am I? – By Nigel Daniel

Did you know, art, was amongst the first forms of communication between human kind. You did, Oh, well that is okay then. Art for me, my art, is very much what others see in it, not what I say it is. Anyway, my name is Adrian Scanlon aka NigelDaniel. NigelDaniel is my handle for art and photography. Daniel was, past tense, my second oldest brother. Nigel the youngest. Both, along with my parents have now moved over to the other side. Daniel, passed away in 1991. My father two years later, Nigel in 2003 an then my ever stoical mother in 2009. Unfortunate circumstances all round. Five years ago, in a January, while in a psychiatric ward, a shrink asked me…”Why do I drink.” At the time I had no idea why. I just did. What answer I gave, honestly, I cannot recall. When questions come my way, I do… Continue reading