Pat is a member of and has been in recovery since October 25th 1985. 70 year old Pat has a wealth of experience and many colorful stories to share. She shared her experiences with her beloved husband whom she married on April 10th 1971 and passed 2 years ago April 18th 2013. She misses him dreadfully but keeps his memory alive with her stories of their time together. As well as battling addiction issues Pat is also a cancer survivor. She keeps in touch with recovering people all over the world via skype, email and phone.

    Not My Type

    In 1971, two events occurred that changed my life forever:  I got married and I became a typesetter. There was also a third event simmering away under the radar that hadn’t quiet manifested, but was waiting to explode.  It will become evident what that event was later in the story. In those days, typesetting was done with metal slugs. Men sat at huge machines and typed words to be set on a large sheet of metal and then run through the printing press. When I started typesetting there was a burgeoning industry of cold type (computer) beginning to appear.  Most type was done with metal, but eventually the printing industry, including the major newspapers, went to cold type. My first computer was just a keyboard, with a small machine off to the side which punched holes in paper tape. Each character had a corresponding set of holes punched in the… Continue reading