Paul is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach. Specializing in the empowerment of  Adult children of Alcoholic and addicted families to live the life they have always dreamed of.  He is an adult child of an alcoholic and a recovering addict with over 27 years clean. " I have spent the last 25 years of my life on a spiritual and healing journey of integration and growth. and I am now dedicating my life to help others do the same"

The Healing Power Of Love – By Paul Hellwig

I remember when my first spiritual teacher told me that love was the most important thing there was, that it could transcend and heal all things. I thought he was crazy….not the love I was familiar with. The love that I knew was learned from those perfect families on TV and any of that I received from my family came at too high a cost. So if that was what I needed to heal I’d rather stay broken. Little did I know how wrong that I was! My difficulty with love growing up was that I really didn’t know much about it. It was so rarely mirrored for me in my family so that my perception of what it was became skewed. I remember as a little boy waking up early in the morning and running into my parent’s room and jumping under the covers to snuggle with my father.… Continue reading