Regina Walker
Regina Walker is a psychotherapist, writer, and photographer in NYC. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including The Fix ( and Addiction Unscripted ( She is currently at work on her first novel.

One Of Millions – By Regina Walker

It is the eve of the anniversary of my sister’s suicide, and I am watching a 12-minute video Irish performer Sinead O’Connor posted on her Facebook wall. In it she is tearful, saying that she is suicidal and alone. She is both pleading for help, and chastising those who she believes should be helping her (“my children, why is it acceptable that your mother lives in a fucking Travelodge?”). O’Connor describes herself as “one of millions” who are suffering from mental illness and the stigma that goes with it, and who have been abandoned because of it. In the video, she speaks directly to her family a number of times, and asks why they are afraid of her. “I am 5’4”. I sent angry emails but how can you be afraid of me?” I remember the soulful eyes that were so mesmerizing in O’Connor’s video for her song Nothing Compares… Continue reading