Ryan Sansome is a college student hailing from Northern California. He's an impassioned student of addiction recovery and treatment. Ryan is a budding blogger, and the creator of the #HopeDealers movement on Facebook. Courageously sharing his painful past and journey to redemption on social media, he inspires addicts all over the world on a daily basis. He's currently working on a memoir and several college degrees. Ryan humbly creates everything good in his life to the 12 Steps

    Dopeless Hope Fiend: A Recovering Addict’s Manifesto – By Ryan Sansome

    You never had a problem with buying weed from me in junior high. You seemed to appreciate my proclivity for procuring high quality acid in high school. But when I started smoking meth during my senior year, you called me “a worthless tweeker.” When I missed the SATs because I partied too hard the night before the test, you pointed out how I failed more times than most have tried. When I sunk into a deep depression because my friends were walking out of my life, you said it was because I wasn’t “ever going to amount to anything.” It still hurts that you wrote me off because you thought I’d never get clean. I internalized your beliefs about me. I could never shoot, snort, or smoke enough dope to silence the memories of being shunned for having a disease. You looked down upon me from your socially acceptable, stable… Continue reading