Sally Stacey
    Born in Yorkshire, raised on the little Island of Guernsey...I’ve always been a curious type of person. A bit of a nurturer...fascinated by people, cultures, nature and the world at large. My mother tells me my most frequently uttered word as a young child was “why?” and I was that kid on the beach that never lay on a towel catching rays but would spend my time turning over stones in rock pools to see what lived underneath. Having lived in a few countries and explored many more..I’m always humbled and perhaps oddly comforted by knowing that I’m just a tiny dot in a vast world of interconnected life. Forever evolving, forever changing. Addiction is a large part of my adult life..when active, it was a destructive force but the existential crisis it eventually led to is something I am now truly grateful for. I don’t know what lies around the corner but one thing I’m pretty sure of, life in recovery is for living

    Would You Rather be Right or Happy – By Sally Stacey

      The title is a well known phrase, something I’ve asked myself in situations many a time and one I often hear being contemplated by others. “Happy” is often the first thought when responding to this question, especially in current times where so much emphasis is placed on seeking happiness at every available opportunity. Life is too short for anything else. But there have been studies done which show that the more value people place on happiness, the less happy they become. Interesting stuff. A study was performed in New Zealand which caught my eye where a husband, who had expressed his preference to be happy rather than right, agreed to agree with every opinion and request his wife made without complaint. The wife was not privvy to the details of the study outside of monitoring her own quality of life. Needless to say, things went rapidly down hill with… Continue reading

    Recovery Dates – By Sally Stacey

      How important is your recovery date to you…that date when you finally threw in the towel on active addiction and walked into a life of recovery? Do you celebrate the date on it’s anniversary in any way? Circulate it publicly? Use it as a benchmark when looking for friendships, support or sponsorship if relevant? What role does your recovery date, and that of others, play in your life…and why? For me, this year I have to admit…I forgot the date until I checked my phone and saw it was January 3rd. Immediately, I was awash with gratitude…having escaped the vice like grip of addiction 4 years previously for a second time. I wrote about it online and shared my gratitude in a couple of AA meetings that day. A quiet day, a little emotional and reflective…it ended quite fittingly with a family games night. That was it, anniversary done… Continue reading