Sarah Bowen
SARAH BOWEN is a multifaith educator and author of Spiritual Rebel: A Positively Addictive Guide to Finding Deeper Perspective and Higher Purpose. A Nautilus book award winner, her work has appeared in Light of Consciousness, Common Ground, and The Mighty. She’s passionate about study of the world’s great spiritual traditions, animal welfare, and travel to quirky, spiritually charged locations. When Sarah grows up, she hopes to be a Jedi. / IG@modernreverend


“You have a problem,” my husband declares. He’s probably right. Another shirt with a Princess Leia graphic has just arrived in the mail. As I try it on, I must admit (again) I have a thriving Star Wars addiction. Further proof: My license plate is FORCBWU. My right arm bears a tattoo, words of the Buddha lettered in Aurebesh. And I claim Jedi as one of my many spiritual paths. The effect of Leia on my generation cannot be underscored. Our initial introduction to this “damsel in distress” was a mirror for the tension between changing masculine and feminine roles in our society. She was a rare female hero in a world of male superheroes. As we aged, and more episodes of Star Wars were revealed, Leia seemed to grow stronger as female roles grew stronger around us. In fact, since Carrie Fisher’s death, the cult of Leia is increasing.… Continue reading