Tammy is in recovery since September 24, 2014, having survived a five year spiral of binge drinking, and a history of abuse and dysfunction. A single mother of three and grandmother of five she has striven to learn and grow on her path. With a background in Marketing, PR and business and accounting, she considers herself an entrepreneur with four separate businesses under her belt. She's always had a drive and passion to share her own story of victory in overcoming adversity.

I am 23

As I sit here, now aged forty two, and think about my life, many emotions flood my heart. There are so many things I want to write and share with the world. Yet, knowing where to start is sometimes confusing. Sadness comes in remembering the dark, abusive places I have come from. Comfort comes when I remember that I have overcome that darkness and very different experiences shape my reality today.  Then a mixture of fear and excitement presents itself, in the stillness of where I am today and where I am heading. I have known the fear, loneliness and desperation of becoming a young mother at age 16.  I saw people talking, and pointing fingers, being so sure I was just a bad kid and could never be a good mother. Of course it would have been easier to entertain their opinions and let others raise my child. I… Continue reading

Functionally Ever After

  Why does it start? Will it ever end? The dysfunction eating away at your soul Till you feel so empty and no longer whole. Why did it choose me, why is this my reality? The pendulum swings, and soon it becomes your normality   Functionally ever after Can it be? They say to keep the faith Guess I’ll hold on another day And see. Functionally ever after Is it meant for me? Guess I’ll hold on another day And see.   What life does it pick? How can a person become so sick? I didn’t choose these parents I didn’t choose this life Why should I pay the price? Their dysfunction became my everyday rife The odds are against me, I feel they are stacked I should learn to hang on to maybe the fact That they could be worse on so many levels That one day, maybe I… Continue reading