B-RAiN Raps for Recovery!


After battling his own addiction, Brian McCall, under the name “B-RAiN” brings recovery focused rap music while touring the country. Brian has been sober for nearly a decade. He tours with his group Cloud Gang and together they endeavor to break the stigma of addiction treatment and connecting those in recovery. As an Outreach Coordinator for Foundations Recovery Center, an Amatus-managed facility, Brian helps people enter into treatment, and begin their path to recovery.

Brian grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland. In hindsight he says he can now see the earliest signs of trouble in his behavior. Even as a young child, stealing, fighting and acting out helped him find some temporary reprieve from the “noise” that he could not escape; intense anxiety about how the world viewed him, and how he viewed himself.

This behavior also meant that he had experience with institutions from an early age. After being kicked out of multiple schools, spending nights in jail and moving across the country, Brian still felt tormented by his own demons and his addiction. Back home, Brian was still fighting, stealing and robbing, until his actions caught up with him.

Facing a long prison sentence, Brian was given another chance, one that he was able to make the best of. In his decade of sobriety, Brian has been helping people find recovery, and making music focused on his own journey along the way. Cloud Gang, named for the “pink cloud” of early recovery connects recovering addicts, so they can make it through the highs and lows of life, together.

In his work at Foundations, Brian has been able to mesh his personal approach within the  Amatus Health philosophy. Every Amatus facility focuses on connecting recovering addicts with the support they need to not only get sober and stay sober, but build a life for themselves beyond their wildest dreams.

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