Beneath Tears, Sorrow, Frustration & Pain My Sonnet Hides – Cassandra Smith


Tear soaked eyes blind me, pushing through; I attempt to write a sonnet.

My frantically beating heart emits gratitude – Shakespeare isn’t here

to witness bleeding bodies run for cover, scatter to the ground falling on it

Screaming, mass confusion – festive country music morphing into fear

No, love songs are not on my mind, in my head – acrid smoke kills oxygen

Police personal – leading frightened people to safety again and again

Bullets whizzing overhead hit targets, paying no attention to different dialect

A mystery – no racial, cultural, or religious bias – no barriers to deflect

Flowers still bloom, birds still fly, carrying olive branches preparing to sing

Lady Liberty clutches her heart and waves our flag – Red, White & Blue

Apologetic church bells gong, calling out for peace with an earsplitting ring

A man, a gun shop, ammunition, automatic rifles, point at him, her, you

The second amendment shouts, stands firm – swearing it presides

While beneath tears of sorrow, frustration and pain, my sonnet hides…

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