Borderline Personality Disorder: A Personal Reflection – By Amelia.


Photo: By Nicola O’Hanlon

I am on the verge of a Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis. When I faced disappointment today, I recognised something about myself that came out in this poem. The stereotype Borderline Personality Disorder sufferer is reactive outwardly. I am not. I wanted to share this.

I live in words unspoken,
the shore you see, gives no indication of the depths.
A life beneath the surface,
lived silently, in storms and peace.
No shallow waters abide.
The shore so nice to visit, to walk along, to talk.
Yet the deep and wondrous ocean remains
unyielding in its presence.



About Amelia

Amelia - Lives in Scotland with her husband, twin boys, dogs and guinea pigs. She is passionately creative. Music was a huge part of her life however illness has meant she is unable to play her musical instruments. This has opened the door to all things yarn. She can be frequently found under a pile of colourful threads. She loves recovery and the 12 steps and loves seeing people grow in their recovery.
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  1. This is beautiful Amelia….thank you ever so much for sharing your love, struggles, suggestions, joys, talents, and so much! X

  2. As with any co-occurring disorder, the mental health issue, in combination with the substance use disorder (even in remission), makes dealing with the issue that much more difficult. And for the general population, and even for those that have substance use problems without the underlying mental health issues, it is not as simple as the walk along the beach. There are many currents that cause many waves. WE cannot really explain them because it really isn’t possible to understand the depth without experiencing them. But it is very important to let people know that the current is there and sometimes it will be calm and sometimes turbulent, and maybe even the occasional whirlpool. All we can do is let people know. You did it so beautifully. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful metaphoric language here. Nice reminder to focus on the depth of the sea, not the shore.

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