Welcome to I Love Recovery Cafe. The inspiration for this website came from the abundance of passionate and talented people in our recovery community, and their desire to share their stories through the arts. This site would not be possible without the help from those listed below. We welcome submissions from all recovering people, everywhere. We want to hear your story, we want to hear family members stories and we want to empower and inspire by giving you, the people affected by addiction and mental health issues, a voice. If you are interested in having your work published or becoming a regular contributor to the I Love Recovery Cafe, please click here for more details. We hope you enjoy the site as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

The I Love Recovery Cafe Team

  • Editor-in-Chief

    Nicola O'HanlonNicola O'Hanlon

    Our Editor-In-Chief, Nicola O'Hanlon has been in recovery since January 23rd 2010. Her work has been published in several recovery magazines, including Recovery Today, In Recovery Magazine,, Psychology Today and Reach Out Recovery to name but a few. Born and raised in Wexford, Ireland she still lives there with her two children, Christopher and Jessica. Her background is in healing through Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Sechiem Energy Healer. She has combined her professional and life experience and now coaches women on how to empower themselves. She runs the Womens Wisdom Healing Circle meeting, on every Sunday (Noon est 5pm UK & Ireland), which is a non program specific gathering of women seeking support, encouragement and healing. Already an expert on how not to live life she is a constant seeker of new and better ways of being. Nature is her Higher Power and she believes in magic, crystals and blames the phases of the moon for her multiple personalities.

  • Blog Authors

    Aaron EmersonAaron Emerson

    Aaron Emerson is a writer, blogger and author that writes about addiction and addiction policy, recovery, mental illness, hope and spirituality. Many of his writings relate to his addiction and recovery from heroin and his lifelong attempt to maintain sobriety. His blog, Hope From Dope, is maintained daily and he also runs a weekly newsletter. He has published one book, To Hell And Back: Heroin And Recovery, which is a memoir about his addiction and early recovery. He has also worked as a reporter and editor for almost three years for newspapers around Lansing, Michigan.

    Aaron PerryAaron Perry

    Aaron Lee is an Alchemist™ of sorts. Mixologist of words and art, of nostalgia and truth, and of the profound and profane.

    ♠ renegade lover of low and high art. Privately trained and college dropout.

    ♣ collector of pomade tins, old photographs and tattoos.

    ♦ recovering addict.

    ♥ sober IVXIIMMXV.

    Father of the most amazing little fella ever to grace this green Earth or any other variation of this world.

    Check out Aarons' website


    Abbi currently resides in the great state of Minnesota (U.S.A.). She is a high school English teacher, writer, dreamer, and general neurotic. She's a huge fan of Mary Karr, Caroline Knapp, Agatha Christie and Lorrie Moore. She also loves recovery. You can contact her at

    Alana HaaseAlana Haase

    Alana has been a nurse for 26 years, she is in active recovery from codependency and grateful everyday for another chance. She loves kids, Labrador retriever's, Pekingese dogs and healthy boundaries! Visit online at

    Alissa PriceAlissa Price

    Alissa describes herself as a thirty-something Texas gal trying to find her place in the world. She's a recovering alcoholic blogging about her road to self-recovery. She looks toward living a healthy, active life as a means to successful living. She has a list of hobbies that keeps growing, as she finds new ways of filling the alcohol void. Love, laughter and adventure are her priorities these days.


    Amelia - Lives in Scotland with her husband, twin boys, dogs and guinea pigs. She is passionately creative. Music was a huge part of her life however illness has meant she is unable to play her musical instruments. This has opened the door to all things yarn. She can be frequently found under a pile of colourful threads. She loves recovery and the 12 steps and loves seeing people grow in their recovery.

    Andrea WachterAndrea Wachter

    Andrea Wachter is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the author of Getting Over Overeating for Teens. She is also co-author of Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Breaking the “I Feel Fat” Spell and The Don’t Diet, Live-It Workbook. Andrea is an inspirational counselor, author and speaker who uses professional expertise, humor and personal recovery to help others.

    Andrew Ahmad-CookeAndrew Ahmad-Cooke

    Andrew Ahmad-Cooke has spent most of his life as a musician and composer. Consequently he has also had many different occupations from laundry worker and record shop manager to spoken word producer, working with artists including Michael Palin, Terence Stamp and Dirk Bogarde. His most prolific time as a composer was the late nineties when he co-wrote and produced albums including One True Parker – “Will I Dream” and “The Howard Marks Project” with Nice and Idle. With his band Juttajaw, he ran the notorious ‘Dirty Cow’ parties and remixed artists including The Orb, Test Department, PIg and Ian Astbury. In 1997 he co-founded independent label Big Clever Records. After his retirement from the music industry in 2003, he ran a school for teenagers with challenging behaviour. He now works for a mental health charity and plays keyboards in local band The Warning Shadows. Andrew is currently sober and lives with his family in Cambridge. He has recently started writing a blog about his experiences of addiction:

    Angela CarleyAngela Carley

    Angela is 3 and a half years in recovery and never expected to make it a week. She lives in Wexford, Ireland, is the mother of 3 children and step mother of 3 more.....and has 4 grandchildren. This life is beyond everything she could have hoped for, and now, at the grand old age of 46 has found the courage to do what she's always wanted to do....which is to write.
    Her secret weapon through all this and in life in general is a sense of humour, and the ability to see the weird and ridiculous side of every situation. She says "you only live once, might as well give it all you've got."

    Anna DavidAnna David

    Anna David is a New York Times best selling author, journalist, founder of The After Party Group and television personality specializing in addiction and recovery.


    The Anonymous contributor represents a group of people who wish to withhold their full identity. Their work will be identified at the end of their articles using first name and an initial.

    Ben CanhaBen Canha

    Benjamin Canha, RN, MSN, is a 61 year old professor at the Shady Grove campus of the University of Maryland, School of Nursing. He coordinates the undergraduate mental health nursing program. Teaching is a second career, retiring after 30 years at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a clinical research nurse in addictions treatment. He also served as the nurse educator at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, treating wounded warriors with addiction issues. He first began drawing 12-step recovery cartoons in 2000 under the pen name of “Ben Ben the Fisherman” and has drawn thousands of single-caption, one-liner cartoons since. His cartoons regularly appear in 12-step newsletters all around the world. His two books, Recovery Cartoons and Conference Approved, are collections of hundreds of cartoons arranged according to each one of the 12 steps and 12 traditions adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous. He manages the website which features his cartoons, e-cards and books.
    He is a PhD student with a research interest in using humor to help those with substance use disorders. Ben lectures at medical conferences with a program entitle Humor in Recovery. He also presents powerful one hour cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) exercises entitled: The Honesty Exercise and Setting Priorities, encouraging addicts and alcoholics to break through their denial. His personal experience includes his own sobriety date of 1/4/88 and active participation in the 12-step programs.

    Chris BentChris Bent

    Chris Bent is 16 year old and has been playing guitar since he was 9. He plays guitar in his band Black Light and has been producing electronic music since January 2017. You can contact him at

    Chris NelsonChris Nelson

    Chris Nelson is a writer, photographer and film maker from Canada. If you'd like to see more of his photos, visit

    Christine CampbellChristine Campbell

    Christine lives a quiet life in Northern Michigan after years of working with dual diagnosis in the Twin Cities which was difficult and rewarding all at once. She spends her days writing and being of service. She feels humbled and grateful for her peaceful life, and all her ‘spiritual family’ all found in sobriety. Her story is raw and honest and sometimes painful to share.

    Cleve S.Cleve S.

    Cleve is a composer and does a little writing on the side. He is in recovery from addiction, PTSD and major depressive disorder. He practices various meditation methods and mindfulness and is passionate about sharing how these have enriched his life and recovery.

    Colm MaGuireColm MaGuire

    Ever since he held up his English class at age 14, to find out from the teacher, how to become a writer, Colm has been toying with writing. Now middle aged and sober he is a writer of poems, songs, short stories, film scripts and novels. Having studied communication in DCU, Script writing the NYU, and Film Production with DIT, he eventually gave it all up to pursue a career in IT - because he thought he had to. He has finally learned that one of the paths to sobriety is being true to oneself. Colm is in recovery since October 1st 2013. He spends most of his time photographing and writing as much as he can and says his lucky number is 13. His website deals mainly with his lyric writing, and links to a Facebook page of the same nature.


    Damien lives near Annapolis, MD, USA. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a B.A. in English. In the late nineties he began working at an ISP and taught himself how the internet worked. He has spent the past 18 years working IP networking. He loves to cook and eat. He also enjoys photography, art, and music. Damien has a loving wife and son. He blogs at and goes by the handle @soberboots on Twitter. Damien got sober on 9/23/2015.

    Daniel CrynsDaniel Cryns

    Daniel Cryns has been writing all of his life. He has only recently begun to share his work (even with himself). A free spirit, and not very organized, Daniel shares his life experience without credentials or apology. He does not tranquil eyes his dragons. This is his debut in the arena of published work.

    Darren BlumDarren Blum

    My name is Darren Blum.
    I was born on March 13th 1973 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    My family and I moved to Israel when I was 15 years old.
    After completing 12th grade I served as a combat medic in the IDF from 1991 – 1994.
    After the army I studied Optometry at Bar Ilan university from 1995 – 1999.
    I got married in November 1999 to Daphne who is from France; we meet at University where she studied biology.
    We have 3 amazing daughters, Eden 14 years old, Ashley 12 and Halley who is 6.
    I own and have worked as an Optometrist in my private clinic since 2001.

    Davalyn ChristinaDavalyn Christina

    Davalyn is 27 years old and is grateful for recovery! She enjoys a much simpler happy life with her family and AA friends. Hairstylist, yogi, vegan, spirituality & recovery blogger, and survivor of critical burns, are just a few proud terms she uses to describe herself. She aspires to launch a public website and blog very soon helping to educate on the benefits of living an active and vegan/vegetarian lifestyle and how it helped heal her spiritually and bring her closer to her Higher Power & purpose, which she believes is to give back hope to the recovery community. She will be backpacking in Costa Rica for her first time later in the year with her mother & brother.

    Dave RDave R

    Dave has been composing music and writing songs since his late teens. He studied theatre at Dartington College of Arts, in the UK, before pursuing an early career in acting, directing and teaching. He has played and sung in a variety of bands and has composed music for TV documentaries in the UK and USA. Since getting involved in recovery, his outlook on life, work and people has changed dramatically - and for the better. He is currently working on what he now considers to be his life’s work: he is writing his first book on the subject of spirituality; and is composing his first symphony for full orchestra. He is also a father and single parent, taking care of his daughter for half of each week, and dedicating the other half to his work. Exciting times!"

    David WeitzDavid Weitz

    My name is David Weitz. I am a recovering addict, professional journalist and full time single father who lives in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. I am a practicing Christian and spend a lot of my personal time giving back to my community by feeding the homeless, reaching out to the addict who still suffers and seeking the next voice to be heard through my endless love for journalism.

    “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” – The Shawshank Redemption

    Diane TDiane T

    Diane T. has been in recovery since January 1990. She has been an artist most of her life and has had shows over the years in Barnes and Noble and various restaurants. She has sold her handmade jewelry and taught art privately to both children and adults. Diane's love of writing Haiku has increased over the years and hopes to be published one day. She has been working with children since 1990 and has been a homeroom teacher for almost 20 years. With a Masters in Art Therapy and a Masters in Elementary Education she is now thinking about going for an 18 credit certificate program in leadership and administration. Her passions are friends, family, self-reflection, painting, animals (including her two cats,) Brazilian Jazz and strong coffee! Naps are always a must during the summers and riding her bike makes her feel free. She knows that she wouldn't have any of this without being sober. Diane continues to strive for a more sober and spiritual life on a daily basis

    Esther NagleEsther Nagle

    Esther Nagle is a teacher, speaker and writer who is passionate about the power of Yoga as a tool for recovery from addiction. Her debut book, Bent Back into Shape, Beating Addiction Through Yoga, reached the number 1 in the Addiction category on Kindle, and has already been changing people’s lives. You can find out more about Esther and read more of her writing at

    Gabriel RheaumeGabriel Rheaume

    Gabriel Rheaume is a word artist, tree lover, and a person in long term recovery. He has been published in print and various online sources. He is from Michigan and was born in 1982. Gabriel has a bachelor's degree in English from Wayne State University, in Detroit.

    Gavin CopelandGavin Copeland

    My name is Gavin Copeland, from Dublin, Ireland. I’m a regular guy, with a strong disposition for creativity. I try to be creative in everything I do, except DIY, which usually spells disaster (as my wife will testify to!!!). Academically, I did pretty good – being awarded an MSc in Nanotechnology and Microsystems in 2003. I have always worked in the ‘start-up’ / creative / disruptive technology scene and through various Research roles, I have travelled the globe on behalf of my employers. After a significant bout of unemployment in 2014 (as a result of a company liquidation), I decided to create my own business. And here it is: Je Suis Personality.
    Je Suis Personality is all about reward and brightening up people’s days (a little). Our objective is to put a smile on people’s faces and to bring them some personalised magic. (Magic, just for them!) We are bringing this personalised (and promotional) magic to the Dublin Café Scene through our Personal-a-Teas Café Community. Things are going from strength to strength. Long may it continue.
    Alcohol has not played a role in this journey. That particular book was closed over 2.5 years ago. Today, I do my best in everything I do, trying to keep things SIMPLE. It’s not always possible, but hey, that’s life. A day at a time…

    Grover NGrover N

    Grover has been clean since January 17th 1986 and owns only one white chip. He entered recovery broken and with a ton of baggage. Having a background as a good ole southern boy, the only thing that had got him through was his work ethic. Not much of a scholar, high school dropout with a GED and some college he's always worked with his hands. In recovery he lost his eldest son to the disease. He runs his own business and is a devoted husband, father and grandfather. He has raised wolves for the last 18 years. He is a biker, a conservative, a believer, walks a Red Road and is a human being that lives by Grace. The wind is his patch, common sense his tool, 44 his protection from ignorance, honesty and humility his goal.

    Harv S.Harv S.

    Harv has been in recovery since 2nd February 1987. He built a foundation of recovery on 90 meetings in 90 days, sponsorship, a Higher Power, fellowship and service. He is an accomplished musician who has an impressive resume which includes playing with Ray Charles,


    Look for the additional titles in the Inkspirations series on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Check us out at: Available wherever books are sold. Order here from amazon: or Barnes & Noble: or to order directly from the publisher, contact: (800) 441-5569.

    Jacqlyn SteinJacqlyn Stein

    Jackie Stein is a life coach, recovery life coach and BALM family recovery life coach, located in Pittsburgh PA, but accessible the world over, thanks to Skype. She provides general life coaching, recovery life coaching to those in recovery from alcoholism and addictions, both substance and process, and family recovery life coaching, using the BALM method, to family members of loved ones caught in the grip of substance or process addictions. Jackie is also a member of In The Rooms and a regular writer for I Love Recovery Café and the Family Recovery Institute. Her website is

    Jake ParentJake Parent

    Jake is a writer and social justice advocate with nine years of sobriety from alcohol. He is the author of Only the Devil Tells the Truth, a novel about a young man growing up in poverty and dealing with addiction. He also writes poetry on a wide variety of subjects. He has used storytelling as a tool for advocacy on several humanitarian projects, most notably his work founding an orphanage and school in Kabul, Afghanistan with Omeid International. He grew up in San Jose, CA but now lives in the Washington, DC area.

    Jamie MarichJamie Marich

    Dr. Jamie Marich's friends and colleagues describe her as a renaissance woman. A dancer, musician, performer, writer, recovery ambassador, clinical counselor, and Reiki Master Teacher, Marich unites these elements of her experience to achieve an ultimate mission: bringing the art and joy of healing to others. Marich began her career in human services working in humanitarian aid in Bosnia-Hercegovina from 2000-2003. She travels internationally speaking on topics related to EMDR, trauma, addiction, and mindfulness while maintaining a private practice (Mindful Ohio) in her home base of Warren, OH where she operate an EMDRIA-approved basic training program in EMDR Therapy. She is the developer of the Dancing Mindfulness practice and regularly trains facilitators to take this unique practice into both clinical and community settings. Jamie Marich is the author of EMDR Made Simple: 4 Approaches for Using EMDR with Every Client (2011), Trauma and the Twelve Steps: A Complete Guide for Recovery Enhancement (2012), and Trauma Made Simple: Competencies in Assessment, Treatment, and Working with Survivors. Her new book, Dancing Mindfulness: A Creative Path to Healing and Transformation is scheduled for release in 2015 with Skylight Paths Publishing. Marich is a certified rational living hypnotherapist and completed the Street Yoga trauma-informed yoga teacher training program. She is also a Certified Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) leader.

    Jeanne FootJeanne Foot

    I am a mental health advocate, a Certified Addiction Counsellor (CCAC) and an Addiction and Recovery specialist, with over 10 years serving individuals and families in the Toronto area, across the globe, and online. My own struggles with the nature of addiction and years spent navigating the mental health care system as an advocate for members of my family, has enabled me to become a change agent and a mentor in transformation for others. Witnessing gaps in the system and how a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery fails too many people, I became passionate about synthesizing information, and clearing up the misinformation about how individuals can achieve sustainable recovery, regardless of the approach they take. The Recovery Concierge was innovated out of the necessity because not all recovery services are timely, efficient, or effective at producing long-term, sustainable change.With a strong pulse on the industry and a tenacious, yet spirited, approach, I am passionate about treating chemical dependency and addiction as any other illness and empowering long term transformation in my clients. Jeanne can be reached at

    Jeff Vande ZandeJeff Vande Zande

    Jeff Vande Zande teaches fiction writing and screenwriting at Delta College. His books of fiction include Emergency Stopping and Other Stories, Into the Desperate Country, Landscape with Fragmented Figures and Threatened Species and Other Stories (Whistling Shade Press). His novel American Poet won the Stuart and Vernice Gross Award for Excellence in Writing by a Michigan Author and a Michigan Notable Book Award from the Library of Michigan.

    Jennifer RJennifer R

    I'm a true blue Aries girl, residing in the magical mountain of SW Colorado. I'm a member of various 12 step programs since 1986 and a proud mother of a young college student who's determined to succeed. I love recovery, reading, writing, drawing, walking, classic rock, mountains, and resting on my couch. It's been a long journey back to my true self since coming off psychiatric medications in 2011. I'm grateful for my Savior who never gives up on me and for alternatives, such as prayer, meditation, nature, nutrition, and yoga to help manage emotional distress, trauma, and the normal ups and downs of life.

    I have a BA in Humanities: Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy and am a trained advocate for victims of DV since 2000

    Ive been interviewed in the following:

    radio show:



    "The biggest mistake I ever made was giving in to my friends and going to see a psychiatrist." - Stevie Nicks

    Jessica DonovanJessica Donovan

    As a New Jersey native, Jessica is a banker turned stay at home mom to 2 girls. Growing up as an only child, both of her parents were functioning drug addicts until they lost the ability to function. Their untimely demise came in 2004. As a result, Jessica is no stranger to anxiety and depression. With a love of writing since her early teens, putting pen to paper has always been a source of therapy and comfort. She believes talking about addiction and mental illness is important for removing stigma. Her hope is that sharing her story will empower others to get the help they need to stop the cycles of addiction.
    Jessica is also a pretty badass cook and even though she doesn't have the space to garden, she loves growing vegetables and keeping house plants alive. She runs her own blog at and is a contributor for
    Should you want to have deep conversations about addiction, share a recipe, trade tips on gardening or just say hi, you can contact her at

    Jo Black SullivanJo Black Sullivan

    Jo is a woman in recovery who is working hard to uncover the person she was always supposed to be. For many years she channeled her chaos into a sense of urgency in the nonprofit world - working for or with ASPCA, UNHCR, Wounded Warrior Project and many others. These days, she's working towards her certification as an Addictions Counselor and has returned to graduate school at University of Maryland Baltimore to pursue her master's in Social Work. Her husband and two mutts have been the pillars in the storm and will continue to be.


    Joanee T. worked as a journalist and publicist until her recent retirement. She has been sober for 27 years.

    Jon GJon G

    DJ FM has been a part of the southeast EDM scene for over 15 years. Not only has he DJ-ed from Baltimore to Burning Man, as a musician he's performed his original electronic music with a live band and always incorporates live instruments into his DJ sets. He's produced over 90 songs, instrumentals and remixes, and even had his original tracks used on MTVs Real World, Road Rules, The Hills and Making The Band. His most recent LP, “Last Man Standing" is available now on iTunes and Amazon. For the better part of 3 years, FM was resident DJ for Revolution Raleigh, the first monthly *cirque-themed* EDM party in the Triangle area.


    Joy describes herself as a geek and child of the 80's and says life is not the same without Swatches, U2, The Cure, The Pretenders and The Clash spearheading popular culture. Today she is showing up - as a daughter, a sister and a friend after overcoming addiction and making a living using writing and networking to connect people and resources in the world of addiction recovery one link at a time.


    Karen has found solace in writing since she was a teen. With a little over 9 years sobriety her youngest daughter and oldest grand child have no memories of seeing her drunk and she'd like to keep it that way. Thanks to God and her program she sees her children as windows of light into a world they get to enjoy together.

    Karen BeckKaren Beck

    Karen Beck is an artist from Upstate, NY who, on a good day knows where her cell phone is, finds that it is fully charged and does not drop it in a snow bank! She is a published poet, former journalist, current photographer and blogger ( and a Spiritual Counselor and Healer ( She is happily married and is the proud older sister to two Tortoise Shell Cats, Neko and Abbey. All three of them give a run for her money daily.

    Karina ShubalyKarina Shubaly

    Karina has been in Recovery since 2000 and has been writing blogs on recovery for 3 years and has recently started writing poetry. She is a qualified Reiki practitioner and Therapist. She is currently writing a book in collaboration with another woman. She believes that lost dreams do awaken and has achieved hers by moving to where she currently resides on Vancouver Island.

    Kathleen RussellKathleen Russell

    Kathleen Russell is a woman in long term recovery who also has a lifelong passion for Health, Nutrition and good food. After High School she studied Clinical Nutrition at Westchester Community College in Valhalla, New York. Later she studied with Dr. Andrea Adams from Washington DC on Holistic Health, Fitness and Nutrition and became a Certified Nutritional Consultant in 2008. She has had a Consulting office in New York and co-managed a weight loss program in Wilmington, North Carolina, as part of group education. Currently she works with Clients locally as a private Consultant. Helps to organized group workshops and on line recovery support. She offers Science based products and supplementation and the need to know solutions for improving the major nutrient needs and best absorption. She also educates on the importance of water, hydration and environmental air quality to overall health and wellbeing. Check out her website at

    Katie DonovanKatie Donovan

    Katie has spent the last 20 years in the marketing, events and communications industry. After experiencing the addiction journey with her daughter, Katie left her marketing career, in order to focus on family recovery. She has now dedicated her life to guiding others through the overwhelming process of finding quality treatment for substance abuse, coaching families through their own recovery, and as a consultant for the treatment industry. Katie is the Executive Vice President of the nonprofit, a public speaker on addiction, a featured author/blogger for national advocacy groups such as The Addicts Mom, Magnolia New Beginnings, Stop Frying Your Brain, and the publication The Sober World. Katie and her daughter Brittany also blog about their journey at, which reached over a million views within 30 days of its inception.

    Keitha ColeKeitha Cole

    Keitha B is a recovering alcoholic who is ready to start over after a sabbatical from writing poetry and composing music. In the last seven years she has procured two associates degrees with honors and gotten sober to the tune of four years consecutive (DOS: 11/27/2012). She has been known to crochet a hat or two, tutor math, edit a newsletter for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and help another alcoholic when she can.

    Kyczy HawkKyczy Hawk

    Kyczy Hawk RYT E-500 is a yoga teacher and author. She teaches in treatment centers as well as yoga studios in her hometown of San Jose, CA. Her volunteer time includes teaching yoga in Elmwood Women’s jail and The Recovery Cafe San Jose. She has been a space holder for the internationally known Y12SR (Yoga of Twelve Step Recovery) for over six years.

    Kyczy has published several books including “Yoga and the Twelve Step Path” 2012 and “Life in Bite Sized Morsels”, 2015. Her book “Yogic Tools for Recovery; A Guide To Working The Steps” will be out November 2017.
    She is a contributor to national and international magazines (I Love Recovery Cafe, Yoga Times, 12 Step Gazette, OM Magazine, Recovery Today Magazine and Indigo International, among others.)

    She has developed a series of yoga sequences for Studio Live TV that incorporate recovery principles in all levels yoga classes. The link for them can be found above or on her website.

    Kyczy Hawk is in long term sobriety herself and has worked with others throughout her 30+ years of recovery. She can be contacted at You can read more about her on her website .

    Lisa PerezLisa Perez

    Lisa M. Perez is a published poet, writer, editor and artist. The co-creator of the first ever ArtSpace in Jersey City, member of IUOMA (International Union of Mail Artists), and administrator for an online Mail Art group, Lisa supports the arts and advocates for creativity. Her successful, Art Journal and Notes from my Brain projects are ongoing. In addition to being an active blogger since 2005, Lisa scripts and edits copy for various online articles and videos. In her spare time, Lisa studies, reads, and creates while maintaining a day job in a STEM field and being a full-time fur-mommy to her shih-tzu, Cher.

    Lynne Sanders-BraithwaiteLynne Sanders-Braithwaite

    Lynne describes herself as an Elderwoman, living an estuarine lifestyle on the North Coast of New South Wales in Australia. It was 1987 when she entered recovery. She is the mother of two and a Grandmother. In 2014 she lost her partner. He was found beside the road in the middle of the Forest where he did his morning Buddhist meditations. Three months later, run down and devastated by grief she developed a sepsis pneumonia and spent 3 weeks in a coma. She describes it as a long, slow dreaming. Having survived her illness, a year later she says she thought she would come back from her coma complete and wise. However, she feels she didn’t. She thanks God for Americans who have been awake in the Middle of her Darkest Nights and Online.

    Magnolia New BeginningsMagnolia New Beginnings

    Magnolia New Beginnings, Inc. is dedicated to advocating for those affected with the disease of addiction, creating educational opportunities to inform and raise awareness about substance abuse, and supporting addicts and their families in the process of seeking recovery, maintaining sobriety, and reaching their highest potential through a new beginning. Magnolia New Beginnings has no paid staff, no overhead aside from minor administrative costs such as postage, website etc.., which allows all donations to go to the intended purpose; raising awareness and helping to create new beginnings for those affected by the disease of addiction. We strive to create a united voice among advocacy groups in order to create change. Check out Magnolia on their facebook page and website

    Maiko MaulMaiko Maul

    Maiko is 33 and lives in Germany. He has had some really tough times and has been in recovery from PTSD for 11 years. He started singing and playing the guitar in 2002.

    Marc DunnMarc Dunn

    Marc Dunn is a Certified Recovery Coach, Writer and Advocate.
    He is a Liberal Hippie Redneck. Loves people, sunsets, animals, campfires and conversations about anything. Most of all the comfort of a loving relationship, unconditional friends, free thinking people and children.
    His recovery date is Nov. 29, 2005. He is married for over 30 years and has three children. He resides in southeast Florida.
    He has blogged at, and currently has his own website at and
    Marc conducts a live AA Video Meeting Online Weekly at
    He has written for Reach Out Recovery, The Toast, I Love Recovery Cafe and others. He has appeared as a guest on The Jewish Network TV Show To Life and the Take12Radio Podcast.
    He Directed and spoke at Addiction Recovery Forum last year, which is now on You Tube:
    Marc Dunn is the Publisher and Editor - The Rest Of Your Life by Allen Reid McGinnis

    Marc McmahonMarc Mcmahon

    About the Author: Marc is a 48-year-old Author, Speaker, and Soldier in a war to loosen the grasp that Substance Abuse has on our society. He is a Father, Son, and friend to all those seeking refuge from this incorrigible disease. Marc resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where he enjoys, writing, hiking, and kicking the disease of addiction in the teeth, every chance he gets. As Marc always likes to say, “be blessed, my friends!” Check out Marc blog at

    Mark GoodsonMark Goodson

    Mark Goodson has been in continuous recovery since 2007. Writing for him began as a creative tool to recover from addiction and eventually compelled him to become a teacher. Read his blog at

    MaryBeth CichockiMaryBeth Cichocki

    MaryBeth Cichocki is a registered nurse living in the state of Delaware. She lost her youngest son, Matt, to an overdose of prescription drugs on January 3rd 2015. After his death she was unable to return to her world of taking care of critically ill babies in the N.I.C.U.

    MaryBeth now devotes her time to raising awareness and educating the community on the addictive nature of prescription drugs. She started writing a blog shortly after Matt died titled Mothers Heart Break, ( which she shares on a Facebook page.

    Michelle LentiniMichelle Lentini

    I am A Grateful Recovering Addict and Domestic Violence Survivor from Sunny Florida. I Enjoy Yoga, Blogging, and Meditation as part of my Therapy. I have learned to take life "One Day at A Time, and know that healing from anything takes Time.


    I got into photography at the age of 12. By 13 I had my own darkroom set up in a shed behind my house. I was really into it until I got so caught up in drugs that I could barely focus and I often sold my camera equipment for drugs. Fast forward to when I had 24 years clean and my mother had just died. I went into a funk after her death and my wife wanted to cheer me up with a camera that I'd been eying as an anniversary present. I hadn't taken a shot for almost 35 years but it came back to me right away. I found that I had a real affinity for photographing nature. Today I'm a member of the Audubon society and I'm in the Everglades just about every weekend. One of my specialties is Macro photography (close ups) which has truly opened my eyes to the little things in life! I find that my time in Nature helps me get in touch with my higher power.

    Nigel DanielNigel Daniel

    Nigel Daniel is an introvert with anxiety issues. Alcohol issues was it again?....Oh a mood disorder. Single and some what love-shy [a shrink term, not something he made up]. Likes tattoos and motorcycles. Not a rock concert type, but he does like listening to nature on a summer morning though.
    He 'me' can also not be called tec savvy.

    Pat G.Pat G.

    Pat is a member of and has been in recovery since October 25th 1985. 70 year old Pat has a wealth of experience and many colorful stories to share. She shared her experiences with her beloved husband whom she married on April 10th 1971 and passed 2 years ago April 18th 2013. She misses him dreadfully but keeps his memory alive with her stories of their time together. As well as battling addiction issues Pat is also a cancer survivor. She keeps in touch with recovering people all over the world via skype, email and phone.

    Patricia FitzgeraldPatricia Fitzgerald

    Patricia Fitzgerald studied Visual Education and Communication at Dun Laoghaire College of Art & Design (IADT) and also holds a first class honours degree in Philosophy and Sociology from University College, Dublin. She hosts workshops and retreats both in Ireland and abroad on the Mindful Art of the Mandala & Meditation. Hi Nicola....sorry, Patricia will be hosting a full day mandala & meditation workshop on Saturday 28th November 2015 in the Lantern Centre, Synge Street Dublin, Ireland. She practices mandala, meditation and mindfulness techniques daily in her own life and holds a professional certificate in the Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness.
    For more information visit

    Patty PowersPatty Powers

    Originally from Toronto, Patty began drinking and using drugs recreationally as an adolescent. At eighteen she moved to New York City where chance meetings with other addicts opened doors to careers, romantic relationships, the art world and the music scene. By 1987, she was living alone in an abandoned building in Los Angeles, having cut all ties to her former life. It was at this low point she was first introduced to recovery. On December 10th 1988, Patty was admitted into a treatment facility located outside of New Orleans for heroin addiction, cocaine, and methamphetamine use. She was discharged with 42 days clean on the first day of Mardi Gras and has remained drug and alcohol free. Patty did not set out to become a recovery coach. Initially she was asked by friends in the entertainment industry to help provide guidance and companionship to their clients struggling with balancing work commitments with their newfound sobriety.

    Through word-of-mouth her practice grew to include referrals from therapists, treatment providers, and other coaches. Leaders in the wellness community, including integrative physicians and psychiatrists, now refer Patty clients struggling not only with substance abuse issues but also those with impulsive destructive behaviors. Her recovery writing and personal essays appear regularly on numerous websites. Patty speaks at wellness events and sober college campuses and brings Recovery Strategies Workshops to community and recovery events. She hosts a live video open discussion on Sex in Recovery the first Sunday of each month at

    Paul HellwigPaul Hellwig

     Paul is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach. Specializing in the empowerment of  Adult children of Alcoholic and addicted families to live the life they have always dreamed of.  He is an adult child of an alcoholic and a recovering addict with over 27 years clean. " I have spent the last 25 years of my life on a spiritual and healing journey of integration and growth. and I am now dedicating my life to help others do the same"

    Phoenix EmeryPhoenix Emery

    Phoenix has been in recovery for his addiction for almost seven years. Working the 12 Steps along with individual counseling, group counseling, somatic experiencing, trauma intensive workshops, DBT, EMDR, and doing his own deeper work to understand himself and his behaviors, he learned the hard way that there’s a difference between sobriety and recovery. Sobriety means stopping the addictive behaviors. Recovery means working your program daily, staying present in the Now, and managing emotions without being reactive to them. Phoenix felt as if his world fell apart the summer of 2016 when he moved out of his home.

    January 2017, Phoenix embarked on a new journey; a journey of blogging and story writing the struggles he was going through. Instead of staying stuck in his own story as a victim of a broken marriage that he caused, he embarked with a fellow friend (and head whacker), Rafiki, to help him open his eyes to understand himself, his former spouse, his children, and the world around him. This has been his journey to learn how to care for his inner child, a journey learning to love himself.

    Phoenix died in 2016 and, through his writing in 2017, he was reborn. With a gift of being vulnerable, the humility of not being perfect, and the desire to continue to grow, Phoenix hopes he can help others on their own personal journey of self-love.

    For more information about Phoenix and his adventures in healing, visit his blog at

    Robert WeissRobert Weiss

    Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S is a digital-age intimacy and relationships expert. He is the author of several highly regarded books, including “Out of the Doghouse: A Step-by-Step Relationship Saving Guide for Men Caught Cheating,” “Sex Addiction 101,” “Sex Addiction 101: The Workbook,” and “Cruise Control: Understanding Sex Addiction in Gay Men.” Currently, he is Senior Vice President of National Clinical Development for Elements Behavioral Health, creating and overseeing addiction and mental health treatment programs for more than a dozen high-end treatment facilities. For more information please visit his website,, or follow him on Twitter, @RobWeissMSW.

    Rosemary O ConnorRosemary O Connor

    Rosemary O’Connor is a leading expert and spokesperson on women,
    children, and addiction recovery. She is the founder of ROC Recovery
    Services, which offers comprehensive care for women suffering from
    addictions. ROC services include: sober living, recovery coaching, life
    coaching, and sober companions. She is in demand as a professional
    speaker and workshop leader. Hazelden published Rosemary’s new book, A
    Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery, in 2015.


    RT is the Co-Founder of and has 32 years of long-term recovery and has dedicated his life to helping make the recovery movement a positive, mainstream force the world today. RT has been married to Phyllis for 28 years and she has over 31 years of long-term recovery. They have two children; their daughter Taylor age 24 is the Sports Anchor for WHNT CBS TV in Huntsville, Alabama and son Jake age 23, is working for a International Steel Company in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Taylor and Jake have reaped the benefits of their parents long-term recovery and have never seen either of them pick up a drink or a drug in their entire lives.

    Ruby T.Ruby T.

    I started to write about six years ago. I was at a crossroads in my life and I, quite frankly, was not sure what choice I was going to make. Having a few months of recovery under my belt, I understood that the prognosis for this disease was grim. I want to take some time to write to my children and tell them who I am, how I love them, and about the life I have tried to live." So I began to write...
    I still cannot explain what happened next. Something happened every time I sat down to write. It was magical and otherworldly the way my fingers would start typing; telling me stories about times and places that I had forgotten and how I actually felt about some things. When I wrote I was safe and strong and smart and insightful and connected to the world around me. From that moment to this one, I have learned that there is so much power in each of our stories. Just. Tell. The. Story

    Ryan SansomeRyan Sansome

    Ryan Sansome is a college student hailing from Northern California. He's an impassioned student of addiction recovery and treatment. Ryan is a budding blogger, and the creator of the #HopeDealers movement on Facebook. Courageously sharing his painful past and journey to redemption on social media, he inspires addicts all over the world on a daily basis. He's currently working on a memoir and several college degrees. Ryan humbly creates everything good in his life to the 12 Steps

    Ryan SiroisRyan Sirois

    Art director by day, writer by always. Ryan is a thirty-something artist + traveler + fill-in-the-blank-aholic living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has been sober since December 25, 2011 and is an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous. He began the blog TwelveOneFive to share stories of his personal journey and experiences with addiction, recovery, spirituality, sexuality and self-acceptance. If you are interested to read more by Ryan, you can view his work at, or email him directly at

    Sarah McKinneySarah McKinney

    A freelance writer, research & strategy consultant and poet turned singer/songwriter who lives in Los Angeles, CA. Twitter: @sarahmck - Instagram: @smcknny

    Scott BrassartScott Brassart

    Scott Brassart is a freelance writer and a long-recovering addict. His writing tends to focus on topics related to addiction and recovery, along with other mental health issues like depression and anxiety. He lives in Palm Springs, CA with his adorable cat Gracie.

    Tammy / Pixie65Tammy / Pixie65

    Tammy is in recovery since September 24, 2014, having survived a five year spiral of binge drinking, and a history of abuse and dysfunction. A single mother of three and grandmother of five she has striven to learn and grow on her path. With a background in Marketing, PR and business and accounting, she considers herself an entrepreneur with four separate businesses under her belt. She's always had a drive and passion to share her own story of victory in overcoming adversity.

    TL NunneryTL Nunnery

    TL lives in Miami, Florida and is passionate about writing, photography, yoga, reading and nature. She is also an avid Recovery 2.0 fan. In recovery herself since 2011 she says she is grateful to have the opportunity to share her experience with her fellow recovering brothers and sisters.

    Tommy RosenTommy Rosen

    Tommy Rosen is a yoga teacher and addiction recovery expert who has spent the last two decades immersed in yoga, recovery and wellness. He holds certifications in both Kundalini and Hatha Yoga and has 24 years of continuous recovery from drug addiction. Tommy is one of the pioneers in the field of Yoga and Recovery assisting others to holistically transcend addictions of all kinds. Tommy is the founder and host of the Recovery 2.0: Beyond Addiction Online Conference series and the MoveBeyond Group Coaching Program. He leads Recovery 2.0 retreats and workshops internationally and presents regularly at yoga conferences and festivals. Tommy’s first book, Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life, was published by Hay House in October 2014.

    Tsgoyna TanzmanTsgoyna Tanzman

    For more than 20 years, Tsgoyna has been coaching a broad range of people, including those who’ve suffered traumatic brain injuries and catastrophic life events as well as healthy, smart, successful people who’ve been derailed or feel stuck. She likes to say, “You don’t have to have a brain injury to damage your brain, we do that with our limiting thoughts and negative beliefs.” Tsgoyna is an expert at helping women learn to coach themselves, so they can redefine and recreate their lives from an integrated, empowered and joyful state. She teaches women the tools and strategies to separate circumstances from thoughts & feelings, while gaining insight and choice into the actions they take. She supports women in releasing emotional baggage and limiting beliefs, setting goals and taking action to achieve them. Tsgoyna knows about addiction, codependence, alcoholism and the daily process of working a program as her husband is celebrating 25 years of sobriety since the intervention she arranged.

    Tsgoyna is a Speech/Language Pathologist, MA/CCC, Certified Life Coach, Mental Emotional Release® Therapist, Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming and a Certified Hypnotherapist. Additionally, she achieved a Level II certification in E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique). She has also been guest writer with 9 published pieces at the online magazine MORE.COM as well as having 15 stories published in Chicken Soup for the Soul ( in 15 different anthologies).