Dawn Chorus – By Dave Rose (musical piece)

Photography By Ken Pomerance

I composed this in April-May 2004. I awoke at 4am and recorded the dawn chorus and built on top of that with various acoustic and electronic instruments to hand at the time.



About Dave R

Dave has been composing music and writing songs since his late teens. He studied theatre at Dartington College of Arts, in the UK, before pursuing an early career in acting, directing and teaching. He has played guitar, bass, drums and keyboards - as well as sung - in a variety of bands and has composed music for TV documentaries in the UK and USA. Since getting involved in recovery, his outlook on life, work and people has changed dramatically - and for the better. He is currently working on what he now considers to be his life’s work: he is writing his first book on the subject of spirituality; and is composing his second orchestral symphony. He is also a dedicated single parent, taking care of his daughter for half of every week, and giving the other half to his work.
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  1. Please use this link instead, until it’s changed on this site:


  2. The link does not seem to function – it gives this error message:

    This track was not found. Maybe it has been removed

    Had been looking forward to listening to it based on the comments – fyi.

    • Sorry about that, Chayton – it’s my fault – I changed the names of some of my musical pieces (in Soundcloud) and that messed up the links to this page. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

  3. Avatar
    Cassandra or gowithhp

    A masterpiece of music and nature in sync with each other. Beautiful!! I agree with Kathy. Give us more please.

  4. That was edgy and good
    I really liked it. Thanks!

  5. LOVELY! Enjoyed it so much!

  6. Love this Dave Thank you So beautiful with birds and music combination. I could have settled in to a mediation… More Please!

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