Everybody has a story to tell, and we want yours! 

I Love Recovery Café has been live now for over two months and we are thrilled with the results and the feedback. All platforms of expression have been really successful and have inspired the recovery community right across the world. So far we have contributors from Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Canada and the USA, bringing their passion for recovery together.

i love recovery 2Everything on the site is original work by the artists, including music. We know that there are lots more people out there in recovery, writing, composing and painting who may never have considered submitting their work for publication. Sharing your work and your story with the world gives it life and the expression of our deepest selves breathes life into us. If you, a family member or a friend has something to share with the world, please contact us at blogging@intherooms.com.

Just recently we put together a panel of health experts. We have Kathleen Russell our Nutrition Coach, Kyczy Hawk our Yoga Expert and Nicola O’Hanlon (me) our Physical Therapist and Energy Healer. Each month they will deal with a different topic. We will soon have a Questions & Answers section for our readers to send in their queries about all aspects of wellbeing, to be answered by our panel and hopefully the topics will be guided by the requests of our readers. This month we did a series of articles on combatting depression in a holistic way.

This week I’m working on setting up a YouTube Chanel for I Love Recovery Café. I’ll be doing some vlogging and would really love people to send us your work on video also – especially poetry, comedic sketches and music – anything that inspires you to get on video and tell us about it. Get creative and have fun!

We talk about all addictions and all types of mental health issues. We want to hear how you deal with relationships, sex, work, family and life in general while maintaining wellness. Show us what you can do and how you do it!

So tell your friends and family about us. Work on something together. Tell us how recovery has changed your life and that of your family. Tell us about the before and after – and where you’re at now. We are about breaking stigma and showing the world that recovery is possible and beautiful and exciting, in all its forms.

I Love Recovery Cafe is part of the InTheRooms.com blogging community. We are still growing and evolving and testing things out and enjoying every second of it. Check us out at www.iloverecovery.com and contact us at blogging@intherooms.com with any queries you may have.

Looking forward to receiving your inspiring work.


Nicola O’Hanlon


I Love Recovery Cafe

Nicola O'Hanlon

About Nicola O'Hanlon

Meet our Editor-In-Chief, Nicola O'Hanlon. She created this website, along with the help of the InTheRooms team in September 2015. Her work has been published in several recovery magazines, including Recovery Today, In Recovery Magazine, AfterPartyChat.com, Psychology Today and Reach Out Recovery to name but a few. She has also had her work published in two Feminist anthologies and a book of personal recovery stories. Born and raised in Wexford, Ireland she still lives there with her two children, Christopher and Jessica. Her background is in healing through Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Sechiem Energy Healer. She has combined her professional and life experience and now coaches women on how to empower themselves. She runs the Womens Wisdom Healing Circle meeting, on InTheRooms.com every Sunday (Noon est 5pm UK & Ireland), which is a non program specific gathering of women seeking support, encouragement and healing. Already an expert on how not to live life she is a constant seeker of new and better ways of being. Nature is her Higher Power and she believes in magic, crystals and blames the phases of the moon for her multiple personalities.
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  1. Invitation

    There are times when I feel down an out an trouble never ends its ,than that I count the blessings an the love of all my friends.You’ve helped make my life worthwhile I’m rich beyond compare you can have your money an your jewels fore I really don’t care.For money cant buy loyalty our friendships tried an true I’m richer then a millionaire because of friends like you.I love you all I say with pride your my riches an my treasures to know you is my pleasure.


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