is TEN years old! – By Ken Pomerance/Mr Clean

It’s hard to believe, but is 10 years old this week!

 A little over 10 years ago, I had an idea. My kids were very active on MySpace and on Facebook. I remember thinking, “wouldn’t it be great if there was a social network for people in recovery”? My good friend RT and I were wrapping up a marketing program at the time, looking for a new project, when I laid the idea on him. He immediately said, “Let’s do it!”. I thought he was being facetious, so I said, Hey, I’m serious about this”. His response was “So am I”! That’s how this started. We sat down an drew up lists of features that we wanted to see on this new Recovery site. We then transferred those lists on the back of RT’s daughter’s used science board (the original we still have today).

I have to admit, that without RT, InTheRooms never would have happened. I have had many great ideas and inventions over the years…most of them never came to fruition. I’m a dreamer, and “follow through” has always been an issue, but RT is much more of a “concrete thinker” and way more focused on the endgame. Stephen Sondheim had a great quote “Having just the vision’s no solution, everything depends on execution”. RT made our vision into a reality.

What a journey this has been. When we first started out, anonymity was a critical component of the site. People were very cautious about adding personal pictures and information on the Internet. We wanted to be behind a firewall that protected our members from the search engine “spiders”. To this day, nothing placed on ITR will ever show up in a search engine!  The addiction “stigma” has significantly relaxed over the last 10 years, with people now posting their anniversaries on Facebook and Instagram for all to see.

One of the first items that we put on our “wishlist” was to have live online meetings. We soon found out that the technology wasn’t there to support them…and we put the meetings on hold.

What we weren’t prepared for, were all of the people that started their Recovery on InTheRooms. We built this site initially for people that had already had some experience in Recovery. What we found though, was that there were many members that had never been to a “face to face” meeting, and ITR was their “lifeline” to recovery. Once we started our live online meetings, that concept really took off. We found that people that had health issues, transportation problems, people on house arrest, were not able to get to meetings, parent’s that couldn’t afford babysitters were creating support networks within the ITR community. Many other sites have tried to have online meetings. To date. ITR is still the only place that continues to have consistently running live online meetings.

We love our InTheRooms members. We’d be nothing without you guys! Your loyalty, love, and service keep this site going. RT and I are forever grateful for your support!

If you have never visited Please do, it’s FREE, you have nothing to lose. If you are a member and haven’t logged in a long time, please come back to see all the new features we have and how we have matured. We currently have 522,000 members in 136 countries. We have 33 Fellowships represented and 500 live online meetings a month to choose from. We cannot wait to see you.

Happy Decade Anniversary ITR Nation!


About MrClean

I got into photography at the age of 12. By 13 I had my own darkroom set up in a shed behind my house. I was really into it until I got so caught up in drugs that I could barely focus and I often sold my camera equipment for drugs. Fast forward to when I had 24 years clean and my mother had just died. I went into a funk after her death and my wife wanted to cheer me up with a camera that I'd been eying as an anniversary present. I hadn't taken a shot for almost 35 years but it came back to me right away. I found that I had a real affinity for photographing nature. Today I'm a member of the Audubon society and I'm in the Everglades just about every weekend. One of my specialties is Macro photography (close ups) which has truly opened my eyes to the little things in life! I find that my time in Nature helps me get in touch with my higher power.
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  1. Congratulations, Kenny and RT, on your 10 years with ITR.

    It is saving lives.


    And that is thanks to your vision and work.

  2. HAPPY 10 yrs. to ITR!! and Thanks for the effort and “Going above and Beyond” to help others, I’m 90 miles from any large town -ITR has saved me from my “ism” many times- Light, Love & HOPE!! my Friend

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