Live Your Best Life by Exercising Outside – By Jackie

Plenty of things have been said about the road to recovery. It takes time,  patience and healing etc. etc. In truth, it can be like climbing Everest backwards and then starting from the bottom again. It’s hard, and like all things in life, it’s a journey. There are ways to make this road a little bit easier of course. Consider for example, the great but oft overlooked outdoors, or mother nature. Numerous studies have shown that nature has a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing. The connection between the outdoors and mental health reveal overall reduction of stress, anxiety as well as physical benefits such as lower blood pressure and boosting energy. By going outside and exercising, a healthy new start is on the horizon.

The Connection Between the Outdoors and Mental Health

Getting out into the great outdoors and into nature has been proven to be an important link for mental wellbeing.  Walking, running, taking your pooch out for a stroll or just spending time outside can have lasting benefits, for mood, happiness and wellbeing in general. Getting into the groove of going outdoors may require some motivation and wherewithal, but once you establish a routine, it becomes easier and easier.

If you’re having trouble staying motivated. Checking out running or walking groups. Many running groups will have weekly goals and offer the support of the group. They will keep you motivated. You can even work your way to races beginning with 5K. Maybe one day a marathon is on the horizon. Even simply going for a stroll through nature will provide you with fresh air and get your blood circulating. It will improve your mood and energy.

If you want to try something a little more out of the box, think about other sports such as climbing, skating, yoga or even disc golf. For climbing, start by practicing indoor climbing facilities and then gradually make your way into outdoor climbing. Climbing is a great sport to enjoy with a partner. It is challenging and you can always choose the path that suits you. With climbing it’s  important to have the appropriate climbing gear. Climbing requires special shoes, and things like harness and clips depending on what kind of climbing you want to try. For any, sport for that matter, you’ll want to make sure you have the right gear. This will prevent injury and ensure that you are comfortable. Also remember to prepare for the season with winter and summer gear. Always make sure to have the appropriate shoes for walking or running.

Keep Going, Find a Routine

Remember maintaining mental health is of utmost importance on the way to recovery. It requires a balance of mind and body. Taking in exercise even if  it is only 30 minutes of walking a day can greatly affect your body and mind, from minimizing stress and anxiety to increasing happiness. Being in nature also provides a natural release of endorphins, making you happier. 

Spending more time in outdoors, and embarking on a physical activity, will make you sharper and more relaxed. It’s a great way to take the edge off and lessen the stress that may come up in your life. Try setting weekly goals starting with once a week. Stick with it and find your bliss.


About Jackie

Now working as a researcher and writer, Jackie had a former career in property management. The stressful nature of the work meant that she ended up having to leave the industry after her battling problems with anxiety and panic. In her spare time she volunteers for a number of local charities that support people with mental health issues. She's a mum to two young girls and is hoping to teach them about supporting others who also have health challenges
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