” minding midnight ” – Nikki Marie Rink

Image by esudroff from Pixabay

many, Many moons ago

stood a forest-

Dark & Dense.

within the Tall & Looming trees,

wandered the Keeper of Loneliness.


among Countless ill-lit paths

alongside many menacing streams

the Keeper spun & spun in circles,

hopelessly searching for Lost Dreams.


one by one-

the branches broke.

the leaves danced to the ground.

the sunlight revealed a quiet clearing-

Where her Soul was found.

Nikki Rink

About Nikki Rink

Nikki Marie Rink is a 23 year old 'earth-bound misfit' from Southern NJ with a passion for writing, Pink Floyd, and recovery. She has been writing since kindergarten, and continues to hone her craft while using it as a tool for maintaining long term sobriety.
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  1. My baby cousin was published !!!! Congratulations my love you have no idea how incredibly proud I am of you!! Cappy is too !!!! Love you

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