Mornings – By Gabriel Rheaume


Art By Aaron Perry












Another morning ruined.

Stale mouth and sweat



Memories flashing great atrocities.


In a sick aggressive nature

I seek more.






About Gabriel Rheaume

Gabriel Rheaume is a word artist, tree lover, and a person in long term recovery. He has been published in print and various online sources. He is from Michigan and was born in 1982. Gabriel has a bachelor's degree in English from Wayne State University, in Detroit.
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    Cassandra or gowithhp

    Gabriel, I can see it, feel it, taste it and cringe because it describes so well what it was like when I was drinking. You are indeed a master of words. I never ever want to experience that again. I totally agree with both you and Julie. The poem started and ended on the perfect note.

  2. Very succinct and relate-able. I never want to have another morning like that.

  3. spot on gabe,how many mornings just like that(a scary number)enjoyed that

    • Thank you very much, Colin. I almost started the poem with, “How many mornings?” But I changed it to seem more in-the-moment. Thanks for commenting.

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