My Calling Song – Marie Guma-Jelinek


Dear wild bird
Flying in your cage swiftly from side to side.
Going about your pleasant routine, whistling as if you weren’t tied.

Dear sweet bird
You need to see that the life that you live is contained.
That there is so much more and you allow yourself to be restrained.

Dear loving bird
Your song penetrates my soul and sings to my heart as it opens like never before.
I want to take you with me so that I feel this feeling forever and in every pore.

Dear happy bird
Please let me show you the key so that you may see the door.
Show you there are so many other ways and places to soar.

Can’t you hear me my little bird? Open your eyes and look above at the endless sky
Taste the freedom I offer because I can now not live without you I can not lie.

Can’t you see me my precious bird?
I have opened the path for you to experience what you deserve.

Why do you ignore it and continue flying amongst the bars that you serve?

Can’t you feel what I feel my darling bird?
Maybe your home as small as it may be makes you happy as happy as I would be
With you out here with me?

The smell of the darkness approaches and my little bird lays down to sleep.
Excited for his day tomorrow as I begin to weep.
My sky is not his vision nor my freedom his desire.

It is I who am now tied to the sound of his song.
Tomorrow I will try again or for however long.


About Marie Guma-Jelinek

I have been working in the substance abuse treatment industry as an executive for 7 years. I am still in the honeymoon stage. I found my home here. I call it “work” because I get paid but I love what I do every single day. I help people. I educate people. I hug people. And I get my prize constantly when the clinical team I “work” with are able to do their magic and help some of the toughest cases out there, find recovery. Find long term sobriety. Find the life they deserve.
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  1. No sabia tengo una hija poetiza. Muy Bello. Um beso. Tu papi

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