Understanding Sex Addiction Triggers – By Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S

Triggers for sexual addiction are the thoughts and feelings that set the cycle of sex addiction in motion. There are two main types of sex addiction triggers – internal and external – and both can be incredibly powerful. Internal triggers are uncomfortable emotions, feelings, and experiences such as boredom, shame, depression, anger, anxiety, guilt, fear, disappointment, loneliness, etc. External triggers are people, places, things, and/or events that induce thoughts of sexual acting out – seeing an old affair partner, driving past a strip club, watching a sex scene in a movie, having a couple of cocktails in a bar, seeing an attractive person at the mall, etc. It is not uncommon for internal and external triggers to be connected. For instance, a sex addict might drive past a bar or club where he or she used to meet extramarital sex partners. Simply being in the vicinity will bring up memories… Continue reading

Drinking: A Love Story – Drinking Alone – By Jackie S.

In this chapter, Caroline Knapp examines the phenomenon which occurs when we begin drinking alone along with the attendant activities. She talks about drinking alone before getting together with others because she didn’t want them to know how much she really drank. She expresses her thoughts about coming home from work and drinking all night in front of the television. And let’s not forget going to different liquor stores on different days so that no one would know how much she was consuming (because, of course, the cashiers at the liquor store definitely kept track and what they thought was of paramount importance, right?)  And then there was the manipulation of how to dispose of all the empties, because it was important to make a good impression on the garbage collectors as well. Taking large black garbage bags of bottles to the street in the dead of night so that… Continue reading

I Love Recovery Cafe & BuzzKill Pod Talk Gender Issues In Recovery

Check out Buzzkill Pod here Much is written about how addiction affects men and women differently, but little is discussed about how recovery affects each. Nicola from www.iloverecovery.com and Paul from www.buzzkillpod.com converse about recovery and how it can differ in the two sexes. Physical, emotional, mental, societal, sexual and psychological aspects can affect how men and women approach recovery.   <code> </code>       Continue reading

In The Rooms/Satori Waters “Soberchobee”, at Okeechobee Music Festival! – By Ken Pomerance,

This story starts about 60 days ago. One of our associates, a psychologist at a treatment center I work with, mentioned that he was going to go to the 4 day long, Okeechobee Music Festival. This event was being put together from the same folks who promote Bonaroo in Tennessee. He then said that his daughter works for the promoters in a managerial capacity. Our first question was, is there going to be a “safe tent” there and if not, can we do it? For the next week or so, we went back and forth with phone calls and emails getting more information about the event, and telling the promoters about InTheRooms.com and Satori Waters Treatment Centers. There were many forms to fill out and insurance policies that needed to be purchased, but we were fully committed to doing this. We finally got permission to set up “Soberchobee” at Okeechobee!… Continue reading

Recovering My Feminine Self Revolutionized My Addiction Recovery – By Nicola O’Hanlon

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become” – Carl Gustav Jung – It is my deepest belief, that the root cause of my addiction and ill mental health issues, is suppression of my spirit. My true essence. The person that I was born to be. I talk about it and write about it often. That suppression came in the form of forced dogmatic religion, societal conformity to perceived normality, lack of freedom to express my truth or any truth, and shaming and abuse of my sexuality and femininity. I believe that for many others in recovery or indeed in addiction, this is a relevant issue. Many of us, both male and female, who ran from life through addiction are free spirits forced to live in situations that are intolerable to us. Most of the time we aren’t really conscious of our deep inner… Continue reading