Sex vs. Sexual Addiction – By Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S

Sex addiction is not the easiest thing to recognize, especially if you’re neck deep in it. Even outside observers (friends, family, therapists, etc.) sometimes struggle to identify the problem, primarily because sex addicts tend to be highly secretive about what they are doing. If you are worried about your (or someone else’s) sexual behaviors, and whether those behaviors may have escalated to the level of addiction, it may help if you understand the basic differences between casual, at-risk, and addictive sexuality. Casual Users of Sexual Activity are men and women who find non-intimate sexuality (porn, virtual sex, digital flirting, casual/anonymous hookups, affairs, strip clubs, prostitution, and the like) to be fascinating and fun. They involve themselves with these pleasurable distractions occasionally, though not obsessively. Much of the time, their behavior is driven by curiosity, novelty, or life-stage events. For instance, they may engage in non-intimate sexual activities (online or real-world)… Continue reading

One Day At A Time – By Mark Goodson

  What a difference one day makes, how set to rise circles round again.     A new dawn breaks on every instance of heartache and loss. We are ready when     freshness comes across. With transformed eyes, first light breaks out of the darkest skies     and turns each shade into new color. This day will soon swim into another.   See more of Marks work at Continue reading

Drinking – A Love Story – It’s a Hunger!

Chapter 4 of Caroline Knapp’s book is entitled “Hunger.”  In this chapter she talks about the development of her hunger for alcohol, from its earliest drizzles to its raging torrents.  She describes her obsession over getting her fair share of whatever alcohol was offered, how the whole idea of turning down a drink was preposterous and how she tied early behaviors to the need to satisfy that hunger. Where did my hunger originate — my need to be in control — my need to fill that hole in my soul?  I remember first hearing about people having an “oral fixation” and secretly laughing at my perception of the sexual connotations to that phrase.  Having spent some time recently studying some of the more famous psychiatrists, I seem to see a connection between a fixation of some kind and the need for the drink.  As a young child, I was very… Continue reading